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HCV Next overview from EASL 2018: Dr. Reau’s summary of key HCV data & real-world studies

May/June 2018 Issue
PCPs will play critical role in future HCV treatments
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Table of Contents
The Take Home
The Take Home: International Liver Congress 2018
Nancy S. Reau, MD
This year, although there was much buzz about hepatitis B virus (HBV) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, hepatitis C virus (HCV) still held a prominent place in the oral presentations. As clinicians, we can take home some new data about 8-week regimens, real-world data, treatment failures and retreatments and how sustained virologic response affects both hepatocellular carcinoma risk as well as the risk for extrahepatic malignancies.

International Liver Congress Offers Insight on the ‘Social Science’ of HCV
Ira M. Jacobson, MD
This month’s issue has a very nice summary of the data on therapeutic regimens presented at the International Liver Congress by Nancy S. Reau, MD. For me, the meeting highlighted how high is the summit to which we’ve climbed after years of a massive international effort to cure HCV, and how much the focus is shifting. We heard little about new HCV regimens and instead focused on real-world data sets on existing regimens and, equally important, the theme that HCV treatment has become as much of as social science as a medical one as we strive toward elimination. We saw an appropriate emphasis being placed on screening, linkage and access to care, including underprivileged and high-risk populations, on a national and global scale.

HCV hospitalizations increasing among baby boomers, men, drug users

PCPs will play critical role in future HCV treatments

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