Friday, May 4, 2018

Even one drink a day linked to lower life expectancy

Behind The Headlines
People who drink above UK alcohol guidelines 'lose one to two years of life'
April 13 2018
"Just one alcoholic drink a day could shorten your life," reports BBC News. A huge study of almost 600,000 drinkers showed that people who drank more than 12.5 units (100g) of alcohol a week were likely to die sooner than those who drank no more than this amount. The results applied equally to women and men.

Reuters Health
Even one drink a day linked to lower life expectancy
May 3, 2018
Lisa Rapaport
(Reuters Health) - Even light drinkers who enjoy a single beer or glass of wine every night may still be more likely to die prematurely than people who drink less, a recent study suggests.

Compared to people who drink less than 100 grams of pure alcohol a week - roughly the equivalent of five to six glasses of wine or beer - those who consume 100 grams to 200 grams of alcohol weekly have an estimated life expectancy at age 40 that’s about six months shorter, the study found.

Published in April online in The Lancet

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