Saturday, September 7, 2013

Video: Daily Show Takes on the VA

VA hospitals
The Daily Show host Jon Stewart is back after his 12 week break, doing what he does best - using humor to tackle the big issues of the day. Stewart's thought-provoking look at the Veteran Affairs Department may be of interest to the HCV community.

The talk show host began by checking on the progress of the VA's backlogged benefits, however, instead the comedian discovered problems at numerous VA hospitals. Stewart mentioned the legionnaires outbreak, exposure to hepatitis and the failure to monitor mental health patients.

Stewart wanted to know who was fired or reprimanded at the VA hospitals for mishandling the above mentioned problems. Well, the outcome may surprise you. 

For instance, what about the 700 veteran's exposed to hepatitis because of reused insulin pens at the Buffalo VA? During that time upstate regional director David West was awarded over 25,000 in bonuses. What!

The Daily Show host summed up the problems at the VA with this profound statement;

"Going to an American hospital, for a veteran, shouldn't require more courage than storming the beach at Normandy"

Welcome back Mr. Stewart.
Watch more clips from this episode or the entire show.

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