Monday, September 2, 2013

National Geographic's; Drugs Inc. "Designer Drugs"

The National Geographic Channel is offering a series of broadcasts entitled Drugs, Inc, which examines the $350 billion-a-year global drug industry from all angles. Both video excerpts (provided below) are from the "Designer Drugs" episode. The first video clip investigates synthetic drugs in the UK,  the second clip takes us to Israel with a masked drug dealer talking about selling "hagigat" a designer drug similar to bath salts. The next installment of the episode will air Thursday September 5th @ 4:00PM EST.

View the complete episode guide here.

Other episodes airing on Thursday include; Windy City High
Chicago, one of the biggest open-air crack and heroin markets in America, is at saturation point. It's an addict's dream as dealers compete with high purity drugs sold in very affordable quantities. The result: record levels of overdoses and homicides as gangs fight over drug turf. Go inside the deeply entrenched and violent world of the city's drug-corner industry.

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