Monday, September 16, 2013

Exercise and Hepatitis C: What are the Recommendations?

Joe Galati, M.D.

Exercise and Hepatitis C: Information for Patients
by Dr. Joe Galati on 09/15/2013  

This is our latest video discussing the role of exercise and hepatitis C. The bottom line, is that for those with hepatitis C, weight loss is an important part of the overall treatment plan, and must be discussed with your physicians. It is now well known that obese individuals with hepatitis C have a higher chance of developing fibrosis, scarring, and cirrhosis of the liver. Diabetes, a fatty liver, and elevated levels of insulin also contribute to a greater chance of scarring and cirrhosis. Weight needs to be controlled through both changes in diet and exercise. Exercise in any form will be beneficial. Make it a regular part of your daily schedule.

A Special Diet for Hepatitis C: Dr. Joe Galati Explains  
In this 2012 video, Dr. Joe Galati, with Liver Specialists of Texas, explains a frequent question he is asked. Patients wonder if there is a specific diet for those with chronic hepatitis C?

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