Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HealthKeep, an Anonymous Social Network

Medgadget Exclusive
HealthKeep, an Anonymous Social Network [Interview]

by Shiv Gaglani on Sep 10, 2013 • 10:09 am
Earlier this year a new patient-focused social network called HealthKeep went live. It’s not like most social networks though: users remain completely anonymous.  
Essentially a patient’s Facebook, without the faces, or names for that matter. We had the opportunity to speak with HealthKeep’s co-founder, Soyoung Hwang, about the site, its origins, and its goals.  
Shiv Gaglani, Medgadget: What is HealthKeep? 
Soyoung Hwang: HealthKeep (HK) is an anonymous social network available via the web and mobile devices that (1) provides a safe platform for people to share health experiences, learn from others who can relate, and find a support community; and (2) represents a dataset that can offer value by promoting improvements in delivery of care and greater clinical research and understanding....
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