Friday, February 24, 2017

The Liver Loving Diet - A Must Read For People With HCV Or Liver Disease

The Liver Loving Diet

My admiration runs deep for a small group of bloggers who spend hours in front of a computer helping those suffering with HCV. What they accomplish is astounding, why do they do it?

So that no one with this disease ever feels alone.

HCV is a progressive liver disease that can be cured, although cirrhosis is usually irreversible and can potentially lead to life threating complications.

Karen Hoyt understands this only to well, she is devoted to offering support and accurate information to people coping with the effects of liver disease. Karen writes from a patients' perspective about living with and treating hepatitis C, cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure on her blog, "Your Best Friends Guide To Hepatitis C."

This compassionate author, HCV advocate, and survivor, once again is doing what she does best, keeping us informed and full of hope. Karen has recently announced her new book, "The Liver Loving Diet" is available to enjoy, a book that will help you learn to eat well during all phases of liver disease. For the cost of a few cups of liver friendly coffee - this book can be yours.

Purchase is now available through PayPal, click here to learn more.

From Karen

Low Sodium, Healthy Protein Plan
After my diagnosis with Hepatitis C and liver failure, I got busy putting together a low sodium, healthy protein plan for eating.

Here at Your Best Friends Guide, you all have blown me away with requests for an easy menu plan. I love the emails pouring in from you all sitting in hospitals, grocery stores, and at home. You’ve begged for recipes. Well, it’s taken some time (2 years), but I heard you and here it is!

Drumroll please….

The Liver Loving Diet Book is a big picture peek at liver disease that helps you understand how valuable it is to eat well during treatments, cures, setbacks, cancer, and transplant. My diet played a huge role in keeping me alive and active. Now I’m handing all that power to you in one tidy package – tied up with love and priced at $4.99. I worked extra hard to give you a simple book with over 300 pages of personal stories and recipes.

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