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Hepatitis Blog Updates - Listen to a doctors story diagnosed with Hepatitis C

Hepatitis Blog Updates

Sit back and listen to Dr. Navin Vij discuss his personal story with HCV, or read up on issues, ideas, and challenges related to viral hepatitis - written by people who care.


February 9, 2017 The Pulse
Everything happens for a reason: How this doctor became a patient
With one phone call, Navin Vij went from seeing himself as a doctor to seeing himself as a patient. He was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, and he found out the source of his infection wasn't the needle stick he had sustained a few days before.
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Feb 7, 2017
Podcast - HCV Treatment Accessibility in the United States (Texas)
Discusses accessibility for patients w-Medicare/Medicaid.
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Feb 8, 2017
New York's first-ever Hepatitis C summit
This week New York's first-ever hepatitis C summit was held, medical experts, public health officials, and patient advocates are calling on lawmakers to help fight hepatitis C, a serious  liver disease in people with chronic (long-term) infection which can lead to cirrhosis (liver scarring), liver failure and even liver cancer later in life.
Download; Consensus Statement on Hepatitis C Elimination in New York State, with commentary from Jules Levin Executive Director of National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project (NATAP).

Feb 8, 2017
Strategies to address reimbursement restrictions for Hep C treatment: Lessons from Australia
Click here to review; Strategies to address reimbursement restrictions for Hep C treatment: Lessons from Australia, a webinar presented by CATIE, CanHep C and The Kirby Institute, which took place on February 6, 2017.

UK - Bridging gaps in Hepatitis C awareness and diagnosis
Sarah Keidel, HCV Medical Manager, AbbVie UK, 9 February, 2017
If ever there was an area of healthcare where place-based care could have a major impact on local public health gains it is the identification and treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infected patients. However the same reasons that point to place-based health systems being of value for this condition also make it one of the most difficult challenges to take on. If place-based care can be made to work for treating HCV it can be made to work across the system.
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A Valuable Tool Against Chronic Hepatitis B Goes Unused in Many Developing Countries
By Christine Kukka
A critical tool that stops the spread of nearly half of all new chronic hepatitis B infections is still unavailable in many developing countries – the hepatitis B vaccine birth dose.
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By the Numbers: Deceleration in Drug Prices
MedPage Today
Costs for anti-inflammatory drugs are expected to grow the fastest of any class. Prices for hepatitis C antivirals, meanwhile, are projected to fall dramatically.
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Traveling with Hepatitis C
By Karen Hoyt - February 9, 2017
Sometimes it can feel like the hepatitis C virus keeps you tied down. Getting out of the house may be a lot of work for you. Even thinking about taking a vacation...
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Gaining Ground
By Daryl Luster - February 8, 2017
Are we gaining ground with hepatitis C? I suppose it depends on your perspective. If you are one of the ones who has been successful at acquiring treatment and go on to...
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Beginning Hep C Treatment; Former Hep C Patients' Advice
By Connie M. Welch
Beginning Hep C treatment can seem overwhelming. Good preparation makes a big difference. This week we are hearing former Hep C patents' advice in ways they prepared for their Hep C treatment that made a big difference for them.
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By Greg Jefferys
It may seem that I am running this theme on the totally terrible state of the USA health system at the moment but it is simply that I keep getting emails from desperate US citizens who have no hope at all of getting treatment within the US system and get no support from US doctors.
A recent article published by JAMA* reported that between 1980 and 2014, cancer mortality decreased by 20 percent in the United States. The number of deaths from nearly all the major forms of cancer have decreased significantly. The exceptions are liver, kidney, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Deaths due to NHL and kidney cancer remained the same. Liver cancer increased by 87.6 percent.  
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In Case You Missed It

February 3, 2017
Update - New Liver Test Guidelines
If you haven't heard, the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) has issued new guidelines on the evaluation of abnormal "liver chemistries."
New guidelines state that the normal ALT range is 19 to 25 IU/L for women and 29 to 33 IU/L for men

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Drug Safety update for January 2017
All patients should be screened for hepatitis B before starting treatment for chronic hepatitis C with direct-acting antiviral interferon-free regimens.

Direct-acting antivirals to treat chronic hepatitis C: risk of interaction with vitamin K antagonists and changes in INR
INR should be monitored closely during treatment of chronic hepatitis C with direct-acting antivirals in patients also receiving vitamin K antagonists (eg, warfarin), because of possible changes in liver function during treatment. 
Published: 19 January 2017

To see the latest MHRA Drug Safety Update in full visit the MHRA website.

February 2017
New Fact Sheets On Hepatitis C Drugs And Genotypes
Treatment Action Group announces - New and Updated HCV Treatment Fact Sheets Now Online
New fact sheets include; HCV Genotypes, Epclusa and an updated fact sheet on Viekira XR and Technivie.
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