Friday, February 17, 2017

Cipla launches Hepatitis B vaccine in India

Cipla launches Hepatitis B vaccine in India

Mumbai, February 17, 2017: Cipla Ltd, a global pharmaceutical company, which uses cutting edge technology and innovation to meet the everyday needs of all patients, today announced that it has launched adult Hepatitis B vaccine in India. Under a co-exclusive agreement with Serum Institute of India Private Limited (SII), Cipla will market the vaccine for adults while SII will market it for adults and children. 

Umang Vohra, MD and Global CEO Cipla Ltd. said: “This agreement will enable Cipla to provide affordable vaccines for a chronic disease like Hepatitis B. Cipla’s strong marketing network and reach will ensure maximum accessibility of the vaccines in India.”  

In India, around 40 million people are chronically infected with hepatitis B. This infection is responsible for 70% of chronic hepatitis and 80% of liver cirrhosis. Hepatitis B is spread through contact with an infected person’s blood and body fluids. At risk are all those who are not vaccinated against the infection. Since 2002 the Hepatitis B vaccine has been a part of India’s Universal Immunization Programme. This vaccine is able to protect 95% of recipients from developing chronic Hepatitis B. The vaccine is given in three doses that include one after the first month of the first dose and the second after 6 months post the first dose. The vaccine can protect the recipient from this infection for decades. In addition, it is expected to bring down the number of cases of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. 

About Serum Institute of India Private Limited (SII): Serum Institute of India Private Limited is the world's second largest vaccine manufacturer in number of doses manufactured and supplied to more than 140 countries. The vaccines include Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hib, BCG, r-Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Meningitis A, Influenza and Polio vaccines. One of every two children born in the world receive a vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute.

About Cipla Ltd.: Cipla is a global pharmaceutical company which uses cutting edge technology and innovation to meet the everyday needs of all patients. For over 80 years, Cipla has emerged as one of the most respected pharmaceutical names in India as well as across more than 100 countries. Our portfolio includes over 1000 products across wide range of therapeutic categories with one quality standard globally. Whilst delivering a long-term sustainable business, Cipla recognizes its duty to provide affordable medicines. Cipla’s emphasis on access for patients was recognized globally for the pioneering role played in HIV/AIDS treatment as the first pharmaceutical company to provide a triple combination anti-retroviral (ARV) in Africa at less than a dollar a day and thereby treating many millions of patients since 2001. Cipla's research and development focuses on developing innovative products and drug delivery systems.

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