Friday, February 10, 2017

New York's first-ever Hepatitis C summit - Coverage and Commentary From NATAP

New York's first-ever Hepatitis C summit
This week New York's first-ever hepatitis C summit was held, medical experts, public health officials, and patient advocates are calling on lawmakers to help fight hepatitis C, a serious  liver disease in people with chronic (long-term) infection which can lead to cirrhosis (liver scarring), liver failure and even liver cancer later in life.

Download; Consensus Statement on Hepatitis C Elimination in New York State, with commentary from Jules Levin Executive Director of National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project (NATAP).
By the way Jason Helgerson comments yesterday were misleading do not reflect the real costs for HCV drugs to NYS. He said HCV regimens cost 68k per regimen. NOT TRUE, he was referring to the retail cost before rebates, large rebates are provided by drug companies, the real cost is around $35k. And he did say this was the retail cost, but he neglected to say there is a big rebate so the numbers he quoted are not the real cost. But no one challenged him on this. And when he said the cost for medications last year to Medicaid was $650 million, not true, this was again a number that excluded the after rebate cost. Helgerson & other State officials were not challenged on any of this yesterday.......

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