Monday, February 6, 2017

Hepatitis C Genotype Makes a Difference - Genotype 3 Difficult To Treat.

Hepatitis C Genotype Makes a Difference in Liver Disease, Study Shows
Feb 06, 2017 | Catherine Kolonko
A recent analysis suggests that liver disease and treatment costs for people with hepatitis C varies depending on a patient’s genotype—and people with genotype 3 appear to have a greater severity of liver disease....

Patients with genotype 3 had the highest percentage of liver-related comorbidities and advanced liver disease. They were about one-third more likely to have advanced liver disease than were patients with the genotype 1 strain of the virus. The highest rates of steatosis, liver transplant, and hepatocellular carcinoma (the most common form of liver cancer) were also among patients with genotype 3....

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Accepted author version posted online: 27 Jan 2017.
Clinical characteristics, healthcare costs, and resource utilization in hepatitis C vary by genotype
These results suggest that liver disease progression varies by genotype and that CHC patients with GT3 appear to have more severe liver disease. These findings highlight the importance of effective HCV treatment for all patients and support guidelines for treatment of high-risk patients, including those with GT3.

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