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Weekend Reading-Is The HCV Pipeline Heading in the Right Direction?

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Is The HCV Pipeline Heading in the Right Direction? - Commentary
24 January 2013
Andrew Aronsohn, Andrew J. Muir, Donald Jensen

Will All Patients Be Able to Be Treated Without Interferon?

Interferon-free HCV therapy will represent a breakthrough in HCV treatment. Trials to date are encouraging, but have begun to reveal important interactions between drug, host, and virus that need to be better understood before interferon-free therapy becomes a mainstay of treatment. Previously unidentified host and viral characteristics may create a requirement for interferon-based therapy for some, raising the possibility that all oral regimens may not be appropriate for all patients. In addition, the cost of newly developed interferon-free regimens may be prohibitive, especially in many resource-limited regions of the world. Enthusiasm over the possibility of an "all-oral" cure for HCV must be balanced with realization that cost of therapy will create a disparity among those who can receive interferon-free therapy and those who do not have access. HCV will carry an extensive global burden of disease, even in an interferon-free era, if efforts are not made to diminish this disparity....

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When Did Phase 3 Studies Begin for TMC435, BI201335, GS7977, BMS790052, and PegLambda and when will they finish & receive FDA approval.
About 2 years is the length of time from beginning to end of the studies most started in 2011 so 2013 will be when studies will begin the preparing for FDA approval, collecting final data and submitting to FDA

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Liver Cancer

Statins May Lower Death Risk in Liver Ca (CME/CE)
1/27/2013 MedPage Today Gastroenterology
SAN FRANCISCO (MedPage Today) -- Statin use seemed to reduce the risk of mortality in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, researchers reported here.

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Five Reasons To Smile

Karen Hoyt - Hepatitis C Advocate
Here are my fave 5 reasons to smile. When dealing with hep c, or anything that threatens to bring you down, it's easy to lose your smile. The virus, and hep c treatment, is hard on your teeth and gums. While there are a few things we can do about that, it's still important to smile in spite of less than beautiful teeth. ....

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An Interview with Alan Franciscus of the Hepatitis C Support Project (Part 2)
Related - (Part 1)
Alan Franciscus is the founder of the HCV Advocate website and started the HCV training workshops certification program.

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Off The Cuff

Unexplained medical symptoms


A problem affecting up to one in four people going to see a doctor is unexplained symptoms. Professor Michael Sharpe from Oxford University is a world expert in this field and talks about his research in this area.

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New Norovirus Strain Rips Through The U.S.

This cluster contains enough norovirus particles to make you sick.


January 25, 2013 More than half of norovirus outbreaks reported during the last four months of 2012 in the U.S. were caused by a strain first identified in Australia. Restaurants and long-term care facilities have been hit hardest.


FDA Approves First Robotic Doctor for Use in Hospitals

The RP-VITA is can navigate the hospital on its own, and provide doctors with vital signs and other information from a distance in real time.

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