Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hepatitis C Toll Free Helplines and Online Support

A new national toll-free helpline has been launched for people affected by hepatitis C:
877-HELP-4-HEP (877-435-7443).

This new consumer-run helpline is staffed by specially trained peer counselors Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm EST to provide emotional support, health information, and referrals.

HELP-4-HEP is a partnership among several well-known and nationally recognized nonprofits with a combined 90+ years’ experience in hepatitis C education, support and patient advocacy.
Your call is completely confidential.

American Liver Foundation
Hepatitis C Helpline 800-465-4837 (800-GO-LIVER)
M-F 9am-7pm EST
In addition, questions sent on e-mail to will be promptly answered.
Hep C Connection
Offers a helpline to answer your questions regarding hepatitis C: 1-800-522-4372.
HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis C Nightline: Hotline providing support for people with HIV or hepatitis C and their caregivers during the evening and nightime hours. Call 800-273-AIDS or 415-434-AIDS, 5 pm - 5 am Pacific time. Also offers Spanish-language hotline at: 800-303-SIDA or 415-989-5212.

*Hep C Connection is a proud partner of The Support Partnership.
877-HELP-4-HEP (877-435-7443).

Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Hepatitis C Hotline - 1-888-443-HepC (4372)

Hepatitis NSW - Australian state of New South Wales
To speak to a Hepatitis Helpline worker, please phone:
9332 1599 (Sydney)
1800 803 990 (regional NSW)
The Hepatitis Helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Outside these hours, we have a recorded information service and people are able to leave a message requesting Helpline staff call back. We also answer questions via email, just CLICK HERE >>

Online Support - Message Boards

HCV Support
"HCV Support gives me the strength, knowledge and support that I need to fight this disease. The members genuinely care about one another and they completely understand how you feel."
Thanks to all the members who are an integral part of the community, MedHelp has become a destination for people looking for answers to their medical questions. As the community has grown, so has the number of questions on the site. While the top community members devote time each day to helping others get answers or support in their time of need, there seem to always be more questions than answers.
Hepatitis Central
Hepatitis-Central is providing this board only as a forum for discussions on hepatitis, treatments, etc.
This message board will allow you to keep in touch with other patients, or caregivers, exchange ideas, as well as give and receive support.
Discuss Hepatitis C with others who understand what you're going through
Help, Support and Information For Those Affected By Hepatitis C
Have Questions About Hepatitis?
Articles, general discussions relating to Hep C and treatment
Yahoo HepCWarriors
This group is for ALL PEOPLE AFFECTED BY HEPATITIS C (HCV), who spend time researching the web for info on Hep C. We are "Web Warriors". We fight the "dragon" with a vengeance. Knowledge is vital to surviving or defeating Hepatitis C. HepCWebWarriors is is a valuable resource for the latest HCV news, published papers, treatment and new drug trials.

Hep Mag
Welcome to the Hep Forums, a round-the-clock discussion area for people who have Hepatitis B, C or a co-infection, their friends and family and others with questions about hepatitis and liver health. Check in frequently to read what others have to say, post your comments, and hopefully learn more about how you can reach your own health goals.

Links To HCV Support On Facebook and Twitter
Social Media 
Helping healthcare providers (HCPs) and advocates improve the lives of people with Hep C through education, information, and understanding.

Links on the website include:

*Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim

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