Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bristol-Myers to Hold Talks On Settling Claims of Hepatitis C Patients

Bristol-Myers to Hold Talks On Settling Claims of Hepatitis C Patients


Bristol-Myers Corp. BMY +0.26% is scheduled to hold talks starting Wednesday to settle hundreds of millions of dollars in claims of liver-disease patients killed or injured during a company-sponsored drug trial last year, according to court papers and a person familiar with the matter.
Bristol has received requests for medical costs and damages for 14 people injured in the trial that total more than $500 million, according to the person familiar with the matter.

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Bristol-Myers Tries To Settle Hep C Patient Claims
By By Ed Silverman // January 16th, 2013

Talks with a court-sanctioned mediator are expected to begin today in Philadelphia and the outcome is supposed to be reported to a federal court in Texas, where the lawsuits were filed, by the end of the month, according to court documents. Stephen Sheller, lead counsel for the plaintiffs in the litigation, declined to comment, as did a spokeswoman for Bristol-Myers.

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Bristol-Myers begins pricey post-mortem cleanup following 094 disaster

January 16, 2013 | By

Rockoff's source puts these initial talks in Philadelphia, with a mediator on site to see if the two parties can start to move toward an agreement that would defuse the confrontation ahead of a trial. And Bristol's representatives are not in an enviable position. The plaintiffs are alleging that in the red-hot race to develop a new, leading hep C therapy, the drug developer threw aside caution and rushed pell-mell into the study. Texas nurse Janet Vella was one of several patients who suddenly found themselves in the hospital. In her case, her heart and kidney started to fail.
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