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2013-Guide to Clinical Trials for People with Hepatitis C

2013-Guide to Clinical Trials for People with Hepatitis C

Updates from The Treatment Action Group (TAG)

This month TAG published an insightful second edition guide to hepatitis C clinical trials, written by Tracy Swan and Matt Sharp.

Guide to Clinical Trials for People with Hepatitis C
January 2013 - There are many new hepatitis C drugs being studied in clinical trials. People with hepatitis C have many options to choose from. Whether you have hepatitis C or another medical condition, deciding to participate in a clinical trial can be complicated. Having more information can help you decide whether or not to participate in a clinical trial, and which trial, or trials, may be right for you. This guide is available in English and Spanish....
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The "2012 Pipeline Report" by HIV i-Base (U.K.) and Treatment Action Group (TAG) (U.S.) was published in July and updated this past December by Tracy Swan, the author writes;

It is difficult to be anything other than dazzled by astounding cure rates of up to 100% from a multitude of interferon-free hepatitis C virus (HCV) clinical trials presented at the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) meeting in November 2012. Proof of concept has been established: hepatitis C, a disease that claims more than 350,000 lives annually, can be cured with three months of oral antiviral drugs.
These incredible advances bear scrutiny, since most of these interferon-free trials enrolled people with minimal liver disease—many of whom were being treated for the first time. Information about safety, efficacy, and tolerability of interferon-free regimens is needed in other groups, such as people coinfected with HIV, liver transplant candidates and recipients, and people with cirrhosis (especially those who are treatment-experienced)—in other words, people with the greatest immediate need of a safe and highly effective cure.
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