Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video:LJWG conference on Hepatitis C

Watch presentations from the first LJWG conference on Hepatitis C

Themed around 'Hepatitis C, Substance Misuse and Health Inequalities', the conference featured presentations from many respected figures from across the sector.

Videos, and powerpoint slides, from some of those presentationsare now available to
view on the Addaction website.

Facilitated by Addaction and chaired by Professor David Nutt, the conference was an important first step in developing a consensus on what needs to be done to integrate London's health and addiction services. The overall aim is to support vulnerable patients in getting treatment, to tackle health inequalities and also to prevent further spread of the virus.
It is estimated that 34,000 Londoners with a history of injecting drugs have hepatitis C, yet only around 800 of these are being treated.

Many people are unaware they even have the virus, as they may not show symptoms for many years. This silent pool of hepatitis C infection, if left unidentified and untreated, could deliver a significant burden of severe liver disease over the next two to three decades. Recent evidence suggests that much of the incident infection is now concentrated in marginalised populations, with

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