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Hepatitis C: In The News Nov 20th


November 20Updated: Today at 10:30 PM'

Her son to donate the gift of life
Cathy Ashland had a dream that the day her life will be saved is Nov. 30.You see, she's been waiting for a call from her surgeon, telling her what date she needs to get to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston to have a liver transplant.Her son, Philip McLoy, 29, of Rome, has been waiting, too. He is her donor.

Peregrine's Bavituximab Demonstrates Broad Potential

"While we advance our clinical programs for bavituximab in multiple oncology and antiviral indications, we are encouraged by the consistent therapeutic effects of our targeted antibodies in a growing number of challenging preclinical virus models," said Steven W. King, president and chief executive officer of Peregrine. "The VHF data from our funded research program validate our technology platform and potential use of our targeted antibodies as broad-spectrum anti-VHF agents. These data are particularly encouraging and relevant to our future planned clinical studies in HCV as we near completion of enrollment in our Phase Ib trial in patients coinfected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and HIV."

Physicians advise to eat meat in moderate quantity

Patients of chronic liver disease (Hepatitis C) should avoid too much red meat because it precipitates Hepatic Encephalopathy (unconsciousness/coma) among them


Special Report: AALSD Post Conference Highlights@ HCV Advocate

· Interferon and Ribavirin Therapy – New Studies: The current treatments for hepatitis C, including outcomes, side effects and treatment of various HCV populations.
· Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents (DAA’s): New treatments for hepatitis C that have been studied in humans, and various drugs that are in phase I, II and III development to treat hepatitis C.
· Miscellaneous Studies:
· Post-Conference Highlights:
What's New From HCV Advocate Click Here


Seven Charged in Kosovo Organ-Trafficking Ring

Dan Bilefsky(The New York Times, November 15, 2010)"At least seven people have been charged with participating in an international organ-trafficking network based in Kosovo that sold kidneys and other organs from impoverished victims…to patients from as far away as Israel and Canada, police and senior European Union officials said Monday. According to the indictment, the traffickers lured people from slums in Istanbul, Moscow, Moldova and Kazakhstan with promises of [money]…for their organs…many never received a cent. The operations were performed at a private clinic in a run-down neighborhood on the outskirts of Pristina, the Kosovar capital. While the ring was first discovered two years ago, the global scale of the network and its victims is only now becoming clear.

Hepatitis a "silent epidemic" in Hawaii

One in fifty people in Hawaii are living with Hepatitis C "If a person has it, look at treatment an there are some really good treatment for Hepatitis B now, just pills. And there are pills coming from research for Hepatitis C as well," said Tice.


Medivir Announces Positive 24-week Interim Data of TMC435 From the ASPIRE Study (C206)

HUDDINGE, Sweden, November 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ --
- Once Daily Novel Therapy in Treatment-Experienced Hepatitis C PatientsHighlights of the Study
TMC435 Added to Standard of Care:
- Increased the response rates and antiviral efficacy, which progressedthrough to week 24
- Increased the number of patients with undetectable Hepatitis C Virus(HCV) levels through week 4, 12 and 24
- Safe and well tolerated


Fans show Allman crazy love at triumphant return

Hepatitis C treatments sidelined the Allman Brothers frontman for almost a year between 2007-08. In June, Allman canceled ABB’s annual summer trek after receiving a long-due liver transplant. But Thursday night - at the first show of a sold-out three-nightstand at the Orpheum - the singer returned with his whiskey growl rough and ready to go.


The Best Fibromyalgia Therapies

Video: Clinicians may not agree on what fibromyalgia actually is, but one thing's for sure -- it's treatable. Dr. Charles Argoff reviews the efficacy of approved and investigational fibromyalgia therapies.
Argoff on Neurology, November 2010


Two more cases of Hepatitis A confirmed

ASHLAND — Two more cases of Hepatitis A have been confirmed in Boyd County, bringing the total number of cases to five.


Stem Cells

First Stroke Patient Treated With Neural Stem Cell Therapy
Medscape Medical News, November 19, 2010

Public Release: 19-Nov-2010 Stem Cells

New study into bladder regeneration heralds organ replacement treatment

The research, published in Stem Cells, is especially relevant for pediatric patients suffering from abnormally developed bladders, but also represents another step towards new organ replacement therapies.


U.S. Probing Insider Trading Rings: Reporthedge funds and mutual funds," the Journal reported. NEW YORK (TheStreet) --

Federal officials are investigating alleged insider trading rings encompassing hedge funds, analysts and investment bankers that profited to the tune of millions of dollars in illegal profits, according to a report on The Wall Street Journal Web site. Earlier this month, a French doctor was arrested and charged with tipping off a hedge fund manager in late 2007 and early 2008 about problems with a clinical trial involving a hepatitis


WSJ: Massive Insider Trading Investigation Coming To A Head -- Grand Juries Empaneled, And Hearing Evidence

While it is not news that the SEC has been formally investigating unusual trading patterns prior to the announcement of the Schering-Plough into Merck transaction, (circa March of 2009), the scope of that investigation was largely unknown -- until now. A fine piece of investigative journalism is evinced here, by Susan Pulliam, Michael Rothfeld, Jenny Strasburg and Gregory Zuckerman -- for the WSJ, tonight. This may well turn out to be largest insider trading bust in history. Apparently, Schering-Plough-Merck was only a small part of the much larger puzzle (and thus far, no one at either company is known to be a target in this investigation). Apparently, wide rings of dishonest industry insiders, traders and hedge fund managers were swapping information -- allegedly for illicit profits. That is the SEC's theory -- or so it would seem. Do go read the whole Wall Street Journal article

Pharma Emulating Biotech to Boost R&D Productivity

Faced with multiple challenges of patent expirations, generic competition, increased government regulation, and most of all- low R&D productivity, many large pharmaceutical companies have decided a solution to their problem is to reorganize their research organizations to more resemble that of smaller biotech companies.
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Other Health News:
New Pancreas, No More Diabetes

Doctor Jason Wellen performed a combination transplant. Not only a new kidney to replace the failing one, but also a pancreas from the same donor.
Full News Report » Watch Video »

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