Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Off Topic: Mickey Mouse Doctors

The other day I was going through the archives at a blog I frequent: "Letters of Note".

I found this cute letter from 1932 written by Mickey Mouse and mailed by the Disney Studios. The note was sent to a doctor in response to some harmful X-rays in one of Mickeys comic books. The children living in Pennsylvania were patients at the local hospital. After reading the comic book the kids sure didn't want any X-rays, they were dangerous according to Mickey. When the mouse found out he quickly sent off a letter explaining, he wrote "I'm awfully sorry you had trouble on account of my adventures in the comic strip. Of course I know X-Rays can't hurt you, but Horace didn't know it and the professors are all crazy, so they didn't!"
Go take a look at the entire letter, its adorable folks.

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