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Marijuana In The News

Dr Norman Swan
Producer and presenter of the Health Report, Dr Norman Swan, is a multi-award winning producer and broadcaster.

Modern cannabis cultivation is changing the nature of the drug and making it more damaging. And the dangers of ketamine use.

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The Canadian Senate Friday passed the Conservative government's crime bill, S-10, which institutes mandatory minimum sentences for a number of non-violent drug offenses, including a six-month sentence for growing five pot plants. The bill now heads to the House of Commons for hearings and a vote.
'Fake pot' banned by DEA
The federal Drug Enforcement Administration will add five chemicals commonly used in herbal blend products that mimic the effects of marijuana to its list of controlled substances.
The federal Drug Enforcement Administration will add five chemicals commonly used in herbal blend products that mimic the effects of marijuana to its list of controlled substances.
The emergency ban on the synthetic marijuana compounds makes it illegal to sell or possess products that contain such chemicals for at least a year and is set to take effect in December. The herbal blends, with names such as Spice, K2, Freedom and Genie, have grown in popularity in recent years and are sold in smoke shops nationwide and on the Internet.


From Science Daily
ScienceDaily (Nov. 26, 2010) — An international team of immunologists studying the effects of cannabis have discovered how smoking marijuana can trigger a suppression of the body's immune functions. The research, published in the European Journal of Immunology, reveals why cannabis users are more susceptible to certain types of cancers and infections.,


Colorado grapples with effort to create the first state marijuana regulations
By Kristen WyattSaturday, November 27, 2010
DENVER - What's in that joint, and how can you be sure it's safe?
Colorado is working toward becoming the first state to regulate production of medical marijuana. Regulators say that pot consumers deserve to know what they're smoking and that producers should have safety regulations such as pesticide limits for plants destined for human consumption

What’s in Your Weed?

When Valerie Curran asked college students to put her in touch with their doobie-smoking friends, she was being serious.
Curran is neither a drug dealer nor abuser, but she does tote a license to carry marijuana. She is a scientist at University College London, where she’s studying the impact of drugs on memory. Her most recent research explored marijuana use in a naturalistic setting: college-aged kids, in their own homes, smoking from their own stashes.
That may sound controversial, but Curran has a pragmatic outlook on illegal drug use: “Cannabis is the world’s most popular illegal substance,” she said. “If people are going to use it, they should be safe and we should know the possible impacts.”


Medical Marijuana Passage Begs DUI-D Questions.
How will DUI-drugs arrests be affected?
Published : Friday, 26 Nov 2010, 9:27 PM MST
PHOENIX - Someone is pulled over by police on suspicion of DUI-D -- driving under the influence of drugs. They test positive for marijuana, but wait -- they are a medical marijuana patient. What now?


Maine Voices: Medical marijuana act silent on potential risks
While the drug may benefit some patients, addiction poses a threat to many others.
Special to The Press Herald
"It is wrong to claim for it a harmlessness which belongs to no active remedy yet discovered."

Dr. Mark Publicker is an addiction medicine specialist at the Mercy Recovery Center in Westbrook. He is also president of the Northern New England Society of Addiction Medicine.
– Physician, 1870

WESTBROOK - All medications carry risks as well as benefits. This truism applies to medical marijuana as well.
The unique manner in which the state has legalized its medical use, through voting consensus rather than evidence-based evaluation, has resulted in the minimization of its harmful effects. As an addiction medicine specialist with many years of experience and study, I am concerned that these potentially harmful effects, especially in vulnerable populations, have not been adequately brought to the public's attention.

. —
Why should we legalize marijuana?

I think the better question is why should we not legalize marijuana? Marijuana needs to be legalized because it has countless medical benefits, it will inevitably reduce taxes, and even decrease teenage drug use.


From Market wire :
Medical Marijuana Inc Congratulates Arizona as the 15th State to Permit Medical MarijuanaFOOTHILL RANCH, CA--(Marketwire - November 15, 2010) - Medical Marijuana Inc (PINKSHEETS: MJNA) applauds Arizona voters for approving Proposition 203, which legalizes marijuana for medical use. MJNA Chairman Bruce Perlowin stated, "Arizonans who benefit from the medical efficacy of marijuana can now obtain legal and safe marijuana with a recommendation from their doctor to alleviate their suffering."The Arizona measure will allow patients with diseases including cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and any other "chronic or debilitating" disease that meets guidelines to buy 2½ ounces of marijuana every two weeks or grow plants. Also proposed are 120 state-regulated clinics to dispense marijuana. Those living more than 25 miles from a clinic will be allowed to grow 12 plants for their own medicine. Medical marijuana cards and recommendations for patients from other states will be honored in Arizona, though those patients will not be allowed purchase to marijuana in the dispensaries.. continue reading


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