Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Its Happening ! Telaprevir Files FDA Seeks FAST TRACK

The Press Release Is On The Blog:
Telaprevir FDA Submission Complete Seeking Approval Asking For Priority Review

This drug will bring hope to friends, family and over 300 million chronic carriers of hepatitis C worldwide. It is happening folks, the progression of liver disease and damage stops here. Think of what this means; the chance of SVR after or before liver transplantation, hope for individuals with liver damage, F-3, cirrhosis, or genotype 1, hope, life.
The Big Picture, we dare to dream.....
The future of treating HCV with Telaprevir could mean....NO liver transplants, no pain, higher stats for achieving SVR for all , a cure!

I am so excited, so overwhelmed..........its a ground breaking day.

FAST TRACKED........ is the word of the day. Hope is the future.

Check Out The Press Release


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