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2018 - Peeps Diorama Contest

2018 - Peeps Diorama Contest
Who doesn't love Peeps, Happy Easter! In the spirit of Easter this post is all about "Peeps Diorama Contest" taking place in a few cities near you.

To get in the mood check out "PEEPS DIORAMAS COMPILATION" featuring creative scenes starring those little marshmallow bunnies.

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And The Winner Is..............

Washington City Paper
The Peeps diorama contest is supposed to celebrate the very best of the District: creativity and spring. Our contestants did their part, bringing us delightful dioramas inspired by the Oscars, Obamas, and art history. We present the winners of our second annual Peeps diorama contest.

Twin Cities Pioneer Press
Now in its 15th year, the contest that began as a way to have a little fun with these love-’em-or-hate-’em seasonal sugar critters has inspired the world to see the Peep as a muse (we’ve received entries from as far away as Paris and New Zealand). These marshmallow bunnies and chicks represent an annual opportunity for us to gauge the Peepgeist of the day in politics, pop culture, sports, literature, celebrity and news headlines, as well as odes to history, seasons and, always, life in Minnesota.

Racine Art Museum
Within the pristine white walls of this award-winning contemporary art museum, RAM presents an untraditional exhibition showcasing fluffy, sugar-coated marshmallow PEEPS®. The show features 126 entries that demonstrate the talent of over 174 artists.
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American Bar Association
2018 Peeps in Law: Stranger Peeps!
The entries are in and we’re down to five finalists!

Video: Peeps In Law

The sticky, sugary history of Peeps
By Tanya Pai
In 2006, the Washington Post launched an annual "Peep Show" diorama contest, asking entrants to create a 3D scene in which all the characters are Peeps. The contest sometimes drew several hundred participants, whose submissions ranged from a Peep van Gogh to a Peepified scene from the movie Up. (You can see past winners of the diorama contest here.) The competition was such a cult favorite that when in 2017 the Post decided to discontinue it, the fine folks at Washington City Paper took it upon themselves to keep the tradition going. (You can see the winners of 2018’s contest online, including an ode to this year’s Best Picture winner titled “The Shape of Sugar.”)
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