Friday, April 6, 2018

TAGline Spring 2018: Activism and the elimination of HIV, HCV, and TB

TAGline Spring 2018: Bend the curves

Bend the curves: Activism and the elimination of HIV, HCV, and TB
Incremental change—activism that successfully defends or advances critical research or policy—can sometimes feel inconsequential, particularly when it is hard won, resource intensive, and intangible. But in the context of public health strategies with ambitious targets and formidable stakeholder engagement, it is an undeniable facet of progress. In this issue of TAGline, Treatment Action Group (TAG) highlights some important recent successes and challenges in meeting its overarching goals: moving beyond achingly slow trends and sharply bending the curves on new HIV, hepatitis C, and TB infections, suffering, and deaths.

Spring TAGline contains:
Bend the Curves:
Activism and the Elimination of HIV, HCV, and TB

By Tim Horn
The Usual Suspects:
Common Challenges for ETE Planning and Implementation in Emerging Jurisdictions

By Jeremiah Johnson
New York State EtE Campaign Update:
Successes & Challenges

By Jeremiah Johnson
The Role of Vaccines and Cures in HIV Elimination
By Richard Jefferys
It’s up to You, New York:
Moving towards HCV Elimination in the Empire State
By Annette Gaudino
Global HCV Elimination Targets and Challenges:
An Interview with Andrew Hill

By Bryn Gay & Annette Gaudino
From Moscow to New York and Beyond:
The Future of Tuberculosis Research and Development

By Safiqa Khimani and Mark Harrington
The United Nations’ Back Yard:
TB Elimination in New York State and the U.S.

By Erica Lessem
In a State of Disunion:
HIV, TB, and HCV Elimination Policies and Priorities Under the Trump Administration

By Suraj Madoori

TAGline Spring 2018

Other Updates @ TAG
Now Available in Spanish: Training Manual for Treatment Advocates: Hepatitis C Virus & Coinfection with HIV
April 4, 2018 – You can now download a Spanish version of our Training Manual for Treatment Activists: Hepatitis C and HIV Coinfection!

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