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Liver Meeting 2017 - Patient-Friendly HCV Sites With Key Data, Expert Review & Summary

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Greetings! For people new to the world of hepatitis C, the "Liver Meeting" can be a bit overwhelming, and difficult to navigate.

Like you, I will be spending time sifting through hepatitis C information presented at this years meeting. However, before I was cured in 2000, my search was more about key data pertaining to my own scenario; genotype, age, stage of liver damage, and cure rates. When I came upon a site with patient-friendly coverage, I was elated. Overjoyed. It made my journey so much easier.

You too? If so, make sure to read HCV Advocates November Newsletter when it comes out, and visit ViralEd after the meeting. On Nov 3rd, ViralEd will begin to launch expert commentary discussing all that great HCV data presented at the meeting, the program is titled; AASLD 2017 - Comprehensive Expert Review. In addition, watch a series of clips published each day from the meeting, starting Saturday over at Practice Point, hosted by Mark Sulkowski, MD. An interactive webcast over at Clinical Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF), with updates on the new HCV regimes will be available shortly after the meeting as well.

Today, National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR) together with The Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation of Harvard Law School (CHLPI) is launching Hepatitis C: State of Medicaid, an in-depth evaluation of treatment access in each state’s Medicaid program, while highlighting successes in access expansion as well as ongoing challenges. Over half of Medicaid programs received a “D” or an “F” for imposing discriminatory restrictions on hepatitis C cures. 

Interactive Map - Click on your state to find out - State of Hepatitis C Medicaid Access - read your states full report, which include: Liver damage restrictions,  Sobriety restrictions, Prescriber restrictions with recommendations.


The report will be unveiled at the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) Liver Meeting in Washington, D.C

*This article will remain current during and after the meeting, watch the sidebar of this blog for an updated link to this post.

Eventually, we will be reading full-text articles published in peer-reviewed journals, offering us more information about the impact of SVR on what I call the "Three L's" better known as; liver fibrosis, liver cancer, and liver-related complications. As they say knowledge is power.

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In order to find those full-text articles, follow "Henry E. Chang" on Twitter, he has already been tweeting from the meeting. Each day Mr. Chang tweets about viral hepatitis, pointing us to full-text articles using an online sharing platform. Incredible!

So, with that said, here is a collection of great web sites to get you started.

The Liver Meeting®, the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.
October 20-24 2017 in Washington DC.

Abstract supplement for The Liver Meeting® 2017
Oral Abstracts and Posters
AASLD - Website
Press Room
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Conference Coverage
The National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project - NATAP
Slide sets, press updates, commentary, and full-text articles. NATAP was one of the first web sites that offered so much information in one place.
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News, and commentary, another comprehensive web site that has been here since the beginning.
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Conference highlights
Treatment outcomes
Hepatitis C cure leads to improved quality of life.
Genotype 3 treatment
Maviret cures most people with HCV genotype 3 and those with cirrhosis.
HCV transmission
HCV infection is rising among HIV-positive gay men in San Diego.
Begin here (LINK)

Review Capsule Summaries, download slides, and read Clinical Thought commentaries on key studies from Washington, DC 2017. I really hate to register with a web site, but in the end, CCO is so worth it.
*Free registration may be required.
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Coverage of the meeting will include, videos, perspectives and interviews with leading researchers and clinicians.
The coverage is exceptional, as is their monthly publication: HCV Next.
*Free registration may be required.
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Save The Date
ViralEd - Summary With Expert Review Beginning On November 3rd! Love it!

This program will feature HCV experts reviewing and discussing the most important studies on chronic hepatitis C presented at AASLD 2017. This review and discussion will provide a comprehensive overview of each of the posters and presentations as selected by our faculty panel. In addition, the faculty will provide unique insights into how knowledgeable experts review and analyze data from AASLD and an in-depth understanding of the scientific quality and clinical relevance of the posters and presentations reviewed.

This activity will enable participating health care providers caring for HCV-infected patients to become aware of and understand the data presented at this important conference and appropriately utilize those data to improve patient care.
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Clinical Clips Each Day Of The Meeting - ‘What you need to know in 5-minutes’
Practice Point  - Start here - (LINK) Only takes a moment to register!
However, a more complete overview of this program is available elsewhere on this blog; Liver Meeting 2017: I'm A HCV Patient - Show Me What I Need To Know!  In the article, a summary of each video clip followed-up with a link to study results (slides) and commentary, making it easier for patients to get the most out of the presentation.

View All Clips: Start here - (LINK)
For Patients: View an in-depth overview of the program here - (LINK)

These educational Clinical Clips will spotlight the latest advances in the prevention and treatment of hepatitis C through a series of daily, ‘what you need to know in 5-minutes’ videos each day from The Liver Meeting® (AASLD)* 2017.
Hosted by Mark Sulkowski, MD
Professor of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Medical Director, Viral Hepatitis Center
Johns Hopkins Hospital
*Free registration may be required.
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Clinical Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF)
Looking forward to this case-based webcast!

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HCV Advocate
HCV Advocates patient-friendly newsletter will include meeting coverage long after the meeting is over.
Newsletter; HCV Advocate
Patient-friendly coverage, easy to digest! Its better than chocolate.
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FirstWord Pharma
Commentary with news updates.

Commentary with news updates.
*Free registration may be required.
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Also great commentary and news updates.
*Free registration may be required. 
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GI & Hepatology News
News and highlights
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On This Blog
Click this "LINK" to bring up current coverage, or click on the following topics:
Cure Rates - SVR
High‐risk behavior - Drug Use
Fatty Liver
Herbal and dietary supplements

Again, check back for updates using the updated link located on the sidebar of this blog.

Helpful Links
Twitter and Facebook, in addition to web sites, and blogs, that may also be covering the meeting.
Premier Hepatitis C Websites, Blogs and Support Forums

May you all remain healthy, wishing you a safe and successful journey.

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