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Healio Rheumatology - Hepatitis C and the Rheumatologist

Healio Rheumatology

Hepatitis C and the Rheumatologist: Our Role in the Quest for Global Eradication of HCV
Healio Rheumatology, October 2017
Leonard H. Calabrese, DO
I am pleased to have Healio Rheumatology focus this issue’s Cover Story on the intersection of viral hepatitis and rheumatology, as this is a subject both near to my heart as well as one of great importance to many patients. Our esteemed sources enlighten us on many aspects of the impact of viral hepatitis and rheumatic diseases from not only from the perspective of these viruses as etiologies for many rheumatic syndromes, but also, and far more important, from a prevalence perspective – the impact of chronic viral hepatitis, both hepatitis B and C, as comorbidities.

Educating Rheumatologists on Hepatic Associations With Rheumatic Diseases
Healio Rheumatology, October 2017
Historic advances have been occurring in hepatitis C therapy during the last decade. This once difficult-to-treat chronic infection is essentially curable with direct-acting antiviral therapies. For hepatitis B, a wave of biologic therapies is changing the landscape and offering hepatologists, gastroenterologists and infectious diseases clinicians a host of options to manage patients.

Fibromyalgia: Few New Treatments, But Understanding Continues to Grow
Healio Rheumatology, October 2017
Efforts to better understand and treat fibromyalgia are ongoing and multifaceted, with an increased emphasis on both drug and non-drug treatments during the past 20…

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HCV Advocate - Extrahepatic Manifestations of Hepatitis C
Oct 5 - Diabetes

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