Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hepatitis C Drug’s Lower Cost Paves Way For Medicaid, Prisons To Expand Treatment

Hepatitis C Drug’s Lower Cost Paves Way For Medicaid, Prisons To Expand Treatment
By Michelle Andrews

The Delaware resident was diagnosed with hepatitis C more than two years ago, but she doesn’t qualify yet for the Medicaid program’s criteria for treatment with a new class of highly effective but pricey drugs. The recent approval of a less expensive drug that generally cures hepatitis C in just eight weeks may make it easier for more insurers and correctional facilities to expand treatment.

In addition, Mavyret’s price tag of $26,400 for a course of treatment is significantly below that of other hepatitis C drugs whose sticker price ranges from about $55,000 to $95,000 to beat the disease. Patients and insurers often pay less, however, through negotiated insurance discounts and rebates.

Read More: https://khn.org/news/hepatitis-c-drugs-lower-cost-paves-way-for-medicaid-prisons-to-expand-treatment/

In The News
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The controversy over expensive new drugs for hepatitis C
Link to research and news articles addressing the high cost of hepatitis C drugs; insurance restrictions - private insurers/Medicaid - and availability of generic versions/India, Egypt and other lower-income countries or through online "buyers clubs"

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