Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hepatitis C among young people - Prescription medication misuse

TYSA Feb 2017
Recently, there has been a rise in Hepatitis C among young people. There is reason to believe that the use of injected drugs is directly linked.

The NYC Hep C Task Force Hep C Prevention in Youth Initiative, in partnership with Tackling Youth Substance Abuse, received a grant from Birds Nest Foundation to create a video highlighting how prescription medication misuse can lead to intranasal or injection drug use, which can lead to Hep C infection. Watch and share this important and compelling video.

The video will initially be presented at schools and other forums on Staten Island, which has been particularly hard hit by the current opiod/heroin epidemic.  A guidance document for facilitated discussion is being created to accompany the video as a tool for educators. Keep an eye out for the official launch date.  While the content is tailored to Staten Island, educators may find it useful for other areas of NYC. And HepFreeNYC will look, based on success of this video, towards the feasibility of extensions to this project.

HHS Background: Opiods and Hepatitis C

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