Monday, August 13, 2012

Triple Hep C Therapy - Using Facebook Under The Influence

Establishing connections online is a highly beneficial experience to those who are newly diagnosed with hepatitis C. Although, when in the throes of HCV triple therapy it can be a challenge using a social site like Facebook.  

To put it gently, comprehension is somewhat limited during therapy, additional side effects include fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, spelling and impaired typing skills. The last two debilitating side effects have never been acknowledged in a peer-reviewed journal, but I'm thinking they should be.

Imagine if you will, the confusion that ensues for an individual posting away on Facebook under these mental and physical restraints. Reading alone can be difficult, comprehending a comment or reply without face to face interaction is just dangerous.  Not to worry, there is hope for the therapy challenged on Facebook.  Finding a page dedicated to HCV ran by devoted people who understand brain fog, and late night mania can be a safe haven. Rather you are living with HCV or treating it, sleep deprivation and brain fog is a somewhat common occurrence.

The user is often wide awake posting on their wall at 3:00 AM, by early the next morning they are still transfixed sitting in front of the computer waiting for a reply.

* During these late night events experienced patients have suggested placing a pillow under any Incivek inflamed broken seats.

Today, we have some advice for those people living in this chaotic state and cautiously using the social network.

Five Tips For Using Facebook Under The Influence Of Triple Therapy

1. Problem - Replying to pictures of cats, dogs, chipmunks, parakeets, lamas, rodents and other small fuzzy animals.

Solution - In the event you're not a lover of cute little creatures, reply with a click of the "like" button. Never, and I mean never, admit to hating cats.  As for dogs? Replying with a picture of Garfield is always entertaining.

2. Problem - Waiting with great anticipation for a reply after posting on Facebook. 

Solution - Listen, these things take time, give it at least twenty four hours before assuming you're being ignored. Never reply to yourself - I know its temping. As you feel desperation slowly creeping in, remain calm, and remember  this - everyone knows when you "like" your own post. Relax, before you know it only your friends will ignore you.

3. Problem - In the middle of the night you find yourself rudely replying to a hotly debated topic. Woe is you.

Solution - Ask yourself this - How bad is it? Can you do a follow up reply to counter your offensive behavior? No? Edit your post, oops, forgot - no editing on Facebook.

4. Problem - You fall in love on Facebook. Oh my.

Solution - You can't fall in love in the middle of therapy, its impossible. Think about it folks, your emotions are all over the place, crying after watching "Judge Judy" is not normal.

5. Problem - Your wall is lacking friends.

Solution - Post pictures of of cats, dogs, chipmunks, parakeets, lamas, rodents and other small fuzzy animals.

There you have it folks, five tips on how to navigate Facebook while under the influence.

Disclaimer; Following these tips may lead to social isolation on Facebook.

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