Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BMS-986094-Bristol-Myers Sued Over Heart Damage In Hepatitis C Drug Trial

Janet Schaefer Vella a woman from Texas is suing Bristol-Myers and Alamo Medical Research allegedly over heart problems after taking part in the hepatitis C BMS-986094 clinical trial in early July. A week into the trial she underwent a diagnostic test which indicated possible heart problems, now Ms. Vella who is also a nurse -  needs a heart transplant, read the complete article written by John MacCormack  online here.

An excerpt
Janet Schaefer Vella now is in need of a heart transplant due to irreversible damage to the heart caused by BMS094,” reads the suit, which claims the drug giant rushed ahead with the clinical trials “without fully evaluating the risks and benefits of the drug.”
The product liability suit was filed Friday in Nueces County, a day after Bristol-Myers announced it was giving up on the experimental hepatitis drug, noting that one person had died and eight more were hospitalized after participating in trials.
In an email, Bristol-Myers declined to comment on Vella's suit, but noted that 113 people were involved in the same trials when they were halted. In an e-mail, Alamo Medical Research referred press inquiries to Bristol-Myers.

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