Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hepatitis C - Study Of Albinterferon Alfa-2b Every 4 Weeks for Genotype 2/3

From Journal of Viral Hepatitis

Randomized Trial of Albinterferon Alfa-2b Every 4 Weeks for Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 2/3

S. Pianko; S. Zeuzem; W.-L. Chuang; G. R. Foster; S. K. Sarin; R. Flisiak; C.-M. Lee; P. Andreone; T. Piratvisuth; S. Shah; A. Sood; J. George; M. Gould; P. Komolmit; S. Thongsawat; T. Tanwandee; J. Rasenack; Y. Li; M. Pang; Y. Yin; G. Feutren; I. M. Jacobson

While the focus of antiviral therapy for chronic HCV is projected by some to ultimately move away from IFN-based therapies, IFN-free regimens have not yet been developed beyond early trials.[21] Interferon may be required to diminish resistance to direct-acting antiviral agents, and an IFN platform with a reduced frequency of injections may be an important strategy if efficacy can be maintained with an improved AE profile. The present study demonstrates the ability to reduce the frequency of albIFN injections from q2wk to q4wk in a chronic HCV Gt 2/3 population with a small, statistically insignificant reduction in efficacy. It remains to be determined whether the combination of long-acting IFNs administered q4wk with direct-acting antiviral agents or intensification of IFN exposure in the first 4 weeks of therapy can overcome the reduction in efficacy seen in the present study

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