Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Louisiana developing ‘Netflix’ style subscription plan for HCV treatment

Louisiana developing ‘Netflix’ style subscription plan for HCV treatment
September 18, 2018
The Louisiana Department of Health is currently developing a “subscription style” payment plan with pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide state residents with access to hepatitis C treatment.

HCV Next spoke with the department’s chief of staff, Pete Croughan, MD, about the landscape of HCV in the state and the novel payment model designed to expand treatment despite the expensive cost of direct-acting antivirals.

The department estimates that this plan could increase treatment from approximately 3% of people on Medicaid and in correctional facilities up to nearly 60%.

“We’ve actually had conversations with all three hepatitis C manufacturers — AbbVie, Gilead and Merck — and all three have expressed interest in potentially partnering with us,” he said. “The plan is to ultimately select a partner through a request for proposal process, but we’re willing to work with any company that gives us the best deal.”

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