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Greg Jefferys: Purchasing Hep C Generics

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Monday, September 24, 2018
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Greg Jefferys: Purchasing Hep C Generics
Hepatitis C advocate Greg Jefferys launched a new video providing an overview on how to purchase affordable Hepatitis C medicines, such as Harvoni or Epclusa through "Affordable Medical Access International".

His Story
Hi, my name is Greg Jefferys and this website was originally created to record my experiences after I discovered I was infected with Hepatitis C back in August 2014 and what happened as I progressed through the shock of the initial Hep C diagnosis to trying to find an effective and affordable Hepatitis C treatment such as generic Harvoni or Epclusa.

In May 2015 I found myself in India where I purchased generic Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir 400 mg) and twelve weeks later I was cured. Because I was the first person who publicly traveled to India to buy generic Hep C medication my journey received quite a lot of media attention around the world and soon I was getting hundreds of emails every day from people who needed reliable information about buying generic Hepatitis C medicine and about Hepatitis C treatment options generally.

As a direct result of these requests for assistance I started a business called Affordable Medical Access International. Through this business I can supply you with these new Hepatitis C medicines, such as Harvoni or Epclusa. I can deliver to anyone in any country at a fair price with shipping insurance and guaranteed delivery.

Published on Sep 11, 2018

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Greg is also a blogger at Hep Blogs 

On This Blog
The controversy over expensive new drugs for hepatitis C
Link to a collection of research articles regarding the effectiveness and safety of generic hepatitis C medicines. Read news articles addressing the high cost, insurance restrictions; private insurers/Medicaid and availability of generic versions/India, Egypt and other lower-income countries or through online "buyers clubs" 

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