Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ohio have officially declared a statewide hepatitis A outbreak

Authorities in Ohio have officially declared a statewide hepatitis A outbreak following the confirmation of 79 hepatitis A cases this year, which is already almost double the number of confirmed cases the entire previous year. Montgomery County has the most cases in the state with 17 confirmed cases, followed by Lawrence with 12 cases, and Lucas with 10.
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Hepatitis A Questions and Answers for the Public
I think I have been exposed to hepatitis A. What should I do?
If you have any questions about potential exposure to hepatitis A, call your health professional or your local or state health department. If you were recently exposed to hepatitis A virus and have not been vaccinated against hepatitis A, you might benefit from an injection of either immune globulin or hepatitis A vaccine. However, the vaccine or immune globulin are only effective if given within the first 2 weeks after exposure. A health professional can decide what is best based on your age and overall health.

Immunization Action Coalition
Read how hepatitis A is spread, the symptoms, how serious the virus is, when and who should get vaccinated. 

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