Friday, September 11, 2015

Treating Patients With Genotype 3 HCV Infection

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HCV Genotypes and Treatment 
A current collection of data extracted from news articles, peer-reviewed journals, as well as liver meetings/conferences, research manuscripts and interactive learning activities with a focus on treating HCV according to genotype.

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My Evolving Strategy for Treating Patients With Genotype 3 HCV Infection
Norah Terrault, MD, MPH - 9/10/2015
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Cirrhotic, treatment-experienced patients infected with genotype 3 HCV are among the most challenging HCV populations to treat....
Following EASL and the approval of daclatasvir, we changed our protocols for this patient population: Our preferred treatment regimen for cirrhotic patients, especially those who are treatment experienced, is now peginterferon plus sofosbuvir and ribavirin for 12 weeks. For patients with cirrhosis who demonstrate intolerance to peginterferon, the combination of daclatasvir plus sofosbuvir and ribavirin for 24 weeks is used. For most other patients, we advocate the use of daclatasvir plus sofosbuvir for 12 weeks. I am very interested to see what additional data we will emerge from studies examining sofosbuvir plus other NS5A inhibitors, as well as with grazoprevir/elbasvir, particularly in our treatment-experienced cirrhotic patients.....

Learning Activity
Evolving HCV Management in Harder-to-Treat Populations
In this recently updated module, Nancy Reau, MD, discusses evolving clinical data on the management of HCV infection in harder-to-treat patient populations, including patients with cirrhosis, renal impairment, genotype 3 HCV infection, and HIV coinfection. Please join us for the corresponding dinner meeting series, where Dr. Reau and other faculty members will apply the data shown here to the management of these key patient populations.
Faculty: Nancy Reau MD, FAASLD, AGAF
Released: 8/25/2015

Topics include:
Management of Compensated and Decompensated Cirrhosis in HCV
Impact of Reduced Renal Function on HCV Therapy
Selecting Treatment in Patients With Genotype 3 HCV Infection
Key Considerations for HCV/HIV Coinfection
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