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Treat Hepatitis C Now or Later? Expert Guidance for Individual Scenarios

HCV TimingHCV Timing

Expert Guidance on Timing of Treatment for HCV

Treat Now or Later in HCV?
Expert Guidance for Individual Scenarios

Hello everyone, welcome to another Sunday afternoon. Hope you're enjoying this lovely weekend. I wanted to point our readers to a new "treat or wait" HCV activity launched Friday over at Clinical Care Options (CCO).

Quick Summary

You won't want to miss this learning experience designed to help healthcare professionals (or patients?) decide the best time to initiate hepatitis C therapy. Participants will be asked a series of questions to help determine individual patient characteristics. These characteristics include HCV genotype, previous treatment history, fibrosis level (F0-Decompensated Cirrhosis), and disease progression.
After completing the activity and all data is entered, five HCV experts offer recommendations on whether to treat now or wait for future therapies.

If nothing else folks this program is helpful for anyone interested in knowing more about hepatitis C or treatment. 


This Interactive Decision Support Tool provides recommendations from HCV experts Ira M. Jacobson, MD; Paul Y. Kwo, MD; Andrew J. Muir, MD, MHS; Mark Sulkowski, MD; and Norah Terrault, MD, MPH, on optimal timing of HCV therapy in a variety of clinical scenarios. You will be asked to provide specific patient characteristics, including:

Liver fibrosis stage
Stability of liver disease
HCV genotype
Previous treatment history
Interferon willingness and eligibility

Based on the patient characteristics you enter, you will receive an Expert Insight of recommended management approaches from the 5 experts who assessed the same patient characteristics (see the “About” tab for more information). After viewing the answers from the Expert Insight panel, you will have an opportunity to record whether the experts’ recommendations either confirmed or changed your treatment choices.

These recommendations are based on the assumption that this is a “standard” patient, meaning the patient is healthy enough to tolerate selected treatment (interferon tolerability will be directly assessed in the tool); the patient does not have renal insufficiency, HIV coinfection, or another significant comorbidity; the patient has not received a transplantation; and the patient is not a pregnant woman or woman who wishes to become pregnant in the near future. The liver fibrosis stage of the patient must be generally known. The experts who have participated in this tool have made their choices based on what they would recommend for most patients who have health insurance.
Table of Contents
Interactive Virtual Presentation (Coming soon)

Present Approaches to HCV Therapy (Coming soon)
*As with any CME free registration is required 

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