Friday, October 11, 2013

Ensuring Treatment Success in HCV: 10 Ways Providers Can Improve Patient Outcomes

Here we are with Friday upon us, and another work week about to end.

My weekend plans include purchasing a dozen Halloween cookies to be placed strategically on a cookie sheet for my grandchildren to enjoy.

In protest I have stopped baking until the government shutdown is over, which has allowed nanna some extra time to play with her new smartphone.

How about you? Do you have any weekend plans? Maybe take a long lovely drive or catch up on some reading? Or better yet visit Clinical Care Options (CCO) and check out their new HCV learning activity.

CCO just launched a Video Module offering ten recommendations for improving treatment outcomes in patients receiving HCV therapy. HoChong Gilles RN, MS, FNP, and April G. Long RN, MS, FNP both experienced healthcare professionals present us with information on managing side effects, adherence to therapy, complex treatment regimens and stopping rules.

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Tips for navigating the CME
Once you launch the program "click next under the video" to view the next segment. If prompted to answer questions during the CME "click next at the bottom of the activity." I have provided a highlight of each discussion below.

Ensuring Treatment Success in HCV: 10 Ways Frontline Providers Can Improve Patient Outcomes

Faculty: HoChong Gilles RN, MS, FNP, April G. Long RN, MS, FNP
Released: 10/4/2013

Introduction  At this time the presenters prompt us to answer the questions provided under the video, simply click next to skip the questions and proceed.

Meet Early and Often to Address Anemia - Medication dose reduction

Adherence Strategies - Tips for taking medications                

Use Care Contracts or “Statements of Understanding” - Consent for care, patient awareness of lab appointments and side effects.                

 Check HbA1c in Every Patient: Diabetic or Otherwise - Keeping diabetes under control

Give Patients the Gift of (Your) Time - Giving patients the time needed to validate side effect and other concerns

Making Educated Partners Out of Friends and Family - Addressing social history - home support.

Use HCV’s Natural History Against It and Build Hope - Providing education about the disease and counseling regarding likelihood of achieving SVR.

Managing the Therapeutic “Betrayal” of Stopping Rules - Addressing a high baseline viral load and just missing the cut off for stopping rules.               

Recommend or Provide Treatments for Common Adverse Events Before They Are Needed - Preventative strategies such as being well hydrated, staying out of direct sunlight, and anal discomfort advice for patients using Telaprevir - Oh boy..........               

Find and Stick With 1 Specialty Pharmacy - The importance of using a pharmacy with a HCV team.

End Matter - Information on taking the CME test, we skip this part folks.

Need to run now friends, time to pick up those cookies I plan on baking this weekend. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend. See you soon... 

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