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Lucinda K. Porter, RN: Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time

Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time

From the mid-1990s Lucinda K. Porter, RN, has devoted consistent and generous time as a hepatitis C advocate, educator, and author. Ms. Porter has written for numerous publications including a monthly health column for HCV Advocate.

The author's work has provided a global audience with facts, information, and skills needed to actively navigate conflicting and at times confusing research about the virus. This acquired knowledge has helped countless people eventually come to terms with their disease and explore all possible treatment options.

Ms. Lucinda K. Porter the author of "Free from Hepatitis C" has graced the HCV community with a second book "Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time".

The timing of the book couldn't be more perfect. With screening strategies in place by the CDC and Task Force which recommend all people born from 1945 through 1965 get tested one time for hepatitis C, and new drugs moving through the final stages of FDA approval - the need for a guide during HCV therapy is paramount.

This comprehensive book provides tips for people starting hepatitis C treatment while slowly dissipating the fear of the unknown.

Some commonly asked questions are addressed such as; Will I be able to work during treatment? What about the side effects? How will these drugs make me feel? When will I know treatment is working?

Coping with the challenges of therapy may seem impossible at first, but getting to the finish line is made easier with each turn of the page. The author takes us on a physical and emotional journey of spiritual strength.

Porter offers what our families or physicians can not, advice on treatment from a patients perspective. She has undergone therapy twice before, and is currently awaiting the outcome from a third attempt.

The former Stanford nurse understands what is needed to succeed and thrive during the sometimes grueling days of treatment. The reader is gently cradled through therapy with daily advice, inspirational quotes, and encouragement. With each day of treatment a new bit of information awaits, starting with the first day which continues through 48 weeks.

The HCV community is fortunate to have such a compassionate expert offering us a personal guide through treatment. Ms. Porter's calm voice can be felt strongly throughout the book, a presence that will surely be reassuring to the reader.

Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time is now available for your consideration, an excerpt is offered on the author's website.

Tina Banwart
HCV New Drugs

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