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Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection: Looking Beyond the Interferon Alfa Era

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection: Looking Beyond the Interferon Alfa Era

New York, NY - June 25, 2013

Sorry folks, I am a bit late bringing this to you.

In June over at the IAS–USA website an interactive and highly enjoyable question and answer course was launched. The easy to follow activity is offered in both an audio and webcast format.

Hepatitis C patients taking part in the CME are given an opportunity to learn more about the virus, disease progression, treatment regimens and side effects - to name a few. For instance in this presentation by Kenneth E. Sherman, MD, PhD: HCV is a LIVER Disease, the in-depth "question and answer" lecture discusses non-invasive methods for the assessment of liver fibrosis, biopsy,  liver fibrosis, and cirrhosis with an emphasis on HCV as a liver disease.

Listen to the audio below, and Watch the Webcast here. After clicking on the webcast, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on “I have read these instructions and understand them,” to begin activity. All course topics are provided below, view all webcasts at the IAS–USA website.

The good news - no registration required!

Overview of the Basics of HCV Infection Management: Optional Precourse Workshop for Practitioners Who are New to HCV Care
Robert T. Schooley, MD

Welcome to the Annual IAS-USA New York HCV Course
Robert T. Schooley, MD; David L. Thomas, MD, MPH

HCV Treatment Now? When and How to Manage HCV in Treatment-Naive and Treatment-Experienced Patients
Mark Sulkowski, MD

HCV is a LIVER Disease
Kenneth E. Sherman, MD, PhD

Practical Management of Adverse Effects in Patients with Chronic HCV Infection
Jennifer J. Kiser, PharmD

Strategies for Treating HCV in HIV/HCV Coinfected Patients: A Case-Based Panel Discussion
Arthur Y. Kim, MD

The "Grab Bag": Selected Hot Topics in Viral Hepatitis Management
Kenneth E. Sherman, MD, PhD

Cure Without Interferon Alfa: Scientific Basis and Clinical Evidence
David L. Thomas, MD, MPH

The Fragile Relationship Between HCV and Its Human Host
Robert T. Schooley, MD
View all webcasts available online at the IAS–USA website.

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