Saturday, August 17, 2013

Documentary - Breaking the Silence: Voices of Chronic Hepatitis C

Hi Folks,
As once a hepatitis C patient myself, I was deeply touched while viewing this awe inspiring documentary from Janssen Therapeutics.  For 17 minutes the viewer with hepatitis C is not alone, for 17 minutes normal people just like you and me share their story, diagnosis and family struggles. Support of family and friends is critical, but no matter how much our loved ones may empathize with us - connecting with other people living with the virus is invaluable.


**View the video or read the transcript here.

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Published on Aug 16, 2013
As part of our commitment to hepatitis C, Janssen Therapeutics has created Breaking the Silence: Voices of Chronic Hepatitis C, which focuses on the experiences that patients, caregivers, and providers face during their journey with hepatitis C. We hope you enjoy this special documentary.


  1. awesome stories !!my thoughts are with each of ya on this journey!!I too have the hep c and finished my first treatment !!Im waiting for oct to see if the treatment is good !!Here where I live not to many doctors know about this and this makes it so hard for me to feel relaxed !!thanks for this time I shared with each of ya and may god bless ya !!hugs sharon

  2. Nice work this Pharmacutical company did to try to get people to do there treatment. There playing on peoples emotions. They know what there doing to get people to take there stuff. I'll wait until there interferon free "stuff". For those that can't wait I really sincerly hope the best for you.