Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hepatitis C: the cure?

Hepatitis C: the cure?

By Sam Knight

A new drug could be the remedy that has eluded scientists and pharma for more than 20 years. Sam Knight reports
As a result, the holy grail for hepatitis C researchers has been to discover new drugs that work better and that work without negative side effects. Dozens of drug companies and hundreds of research scientists have been working on this for more than a decade, and by late 2011, PSI-7977 was one of about 60 prototype drugs in the race. At a conference in Berlin earlier in the year, Gane had shown that the drug could noticeably improve the treatment of hepatitis C when used in combination with the standard drugs – interferon and ribavirin. Now he was about to show what happened when you took interferon out of the equation.
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