Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hepatitis Weekend News

Research Results from A.M. Alqaraawi and Co-Authors Update Knowledge of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus
According to a study from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, "Hepatic steatosis in hepatitis C virus (HCV)-infected patients has been shown to enhance the progression of liver fibrosis and decrease the response to antiviral therapy. We aimed to determine the role of HCV genotype 4 (HCV-G4) in the prevalence of hepatic steatosis, its impact on antiviral therapy, and its associations and predictive factors in comparison to HCV-G1-infected patients."

"Treatment-na Chronic Hepatitis C Virus).
The researchers concluded: "The grade of steatosis correlates with GGT, platelet count, and BMI, while the NAS score of steatosis correlates with response to antiviral therapy."
Alqaraawi and colleagues published their study in Digestive Diseases and Sciences (Prevalence and Impact of Hepatic Steatosis on the Response to Antiviral Therapy in Saudi Patients with Genotypes 1 and 4 Chronic Hepatitis C. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, 2011;56(4):1222-1228).
For more information, contact A.A. Abdo, King Saud University, College Medical, Dept. of Medical, POB 2925 59, Riyadh 11461, SAUDI ARABIA.

Publisher contact information for the journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences is: Springer, Van Godewijckstraat 30, 3311 Gz Dordrecht, Netherlands.
Keywords: City:Riyadh, Country:Saudi Arabia, Region:Asia, Chronic Hepatitis C Virus, Digestive System Diseases, Flaviviridae Infections, Gastroenterology, HCV, Hepatitis Viruses, Hepatology, Human Hepatitis, Infectious Disease, Liver Diseases, RNA Viruses, Viral, Virology
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China's Hepatitis B Virus Market Will Grow To Nearly $900 Million In 2015
14 June 2011
Decision Resources, one of the world's leading research and advisory firms for pharmaceutical and healthcare issues, forecasts that the hepatitis B virus (HBV) market in China will grow from $601 million in 2010 to nearly $900 million in 2015...

 Nosebleeds and Hepatitis C
Capable of transmitting the Hepatitis C virus, exposing other people to infected blood can be a source of great anxiety for individuals with this infectious disease. For those who do not participate in high risk activities - like sharing intravenous drug equipment - there are few times when exposure to blood occurs. That is unless you consider nosebleeds, an event with the capability of exposing anyone in your near vicinity to infected blood..

Pharmaceutical-Online Clinical Trials?

Study participants are being recruited through internet advertisements and directed to the study’s website, which explains the study and allows enrollment. Real-life contact will still be required for blood to be drawn and the occasional physical exam. If all goes well, Pfizer and the FDA plan to use these tools in more clinical studies. Mytrus, the company supporting the online system, already mentions upcoming trials for osteoarthritis, binge eating, COPD, diabetes, sleep disorders and informed consent validation on its website.

American Journal of Public Health
US Medicaid drug lists cost more, deliver less
The US Medicaid program is likely paying far more than necessary for medications and not offering patients the most effective ones available, by ignoring international evidence-based lists of safe and effective medications, according to a new study by researchers at University of California, San Francisco.

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