Sunday, May 8, 2011

DDW; Lymphoma In Celiac Patients,IBD, Barrett's and Obesity In Children

DDW Coverage From Medpage;

Chicago • May 7 - 10, 2011
DDW: IBD Patients See Shift in Cancer Risk
5/8/2011CHICAGO -- Patients with inflammatory bowel disorders are at elevated risk for many types of cancer, but the risk is lower than formerly thought and has not worsened with the increased use of immunomodulators and biologic drugs, a researcher said here. CME CME

DDW: Study Reveals Clues to Lymphoma In Celiac Patients
5/8/2011CHICAGO -- Certain subgroups of patients with celiac disease, such as those who develop this autoimmune disease in older middle age, also are a higher risk for lymphoproliferative disorders. CME CME

DDW: Many Gastro Docs Overdiagnose Barrett's
5/7/2011CHICAGO -- Asked about criteria for diagnosing and managing Barrett's esophagus, most gastroenterologists gave answers at variance from published guidelines that suggested overdiagnosis and an excessive burden on patients, a researcher reported here. CME CME

DDW: Start Obesity Screening as Early as Age 2
5/6/2011CHICAGO -- Screening children as young as 2 years for obesity may be more successful in weight control and preventing metabolic abnormalities than waiting until they are older, a researcher said here. CME CME CE 

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