Friday, February 11, 2011

Hepatitis C : Two Great Sites to Explore

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For those few devoted readers who visit this blog on a continuing basis I wanted to bring to light two informational websites with a great source for both HCV drugs and liver health information; homepage and
For anyone who shares my passion for HCV research, in peculiar the "investigational Hepatitis C Drugs" the website Nature is a one stop informational digest. You can register free and read the articles at your leisure.
It does take a few minutes to sign up, and will involve a careful selection of menu items. This blogger selected "other" or "student" while navigating the registration process. Remember when you sign up to fill in the additional box : next to each "other" selection. I was prepared to make a payment, one reason why I have put off registering for so long, but registration was free with many articles to view at no cost. However, some articles will need to be purchased before reading.
At nature click on register located on the top corner of the site. If you choose to "subscribe" for full access to the site there is a yearly cost.
Click here for free registration.
News and Analysis Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 10, 93-94 (February 2011)
From the analyst's couch: Hepatitis C — pipeline update
The other site is a great site for information about liver health, with many of the related tests explained. The site obviously covers research in Gastroenterology.
A few topics in this months issue;
New U.S. Dietary Guidelines Address Growing Obesity Epidemic
You Can Register Free Here
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