Sunday, January 30, 2011

Treating Hepatitis C In 2011; The Bible Of Links

Its time to roll out the "Bible of Links" for all those people who may be getting ready to contemplate treatment. If all goes well the two new HCV drugs, telaprevir and boceprevir should be ready for market by the end of this year. This blog has made an attempt to breakdown the data in order for you to ready yourself for that first treatment consultation.
From the moment of diagnosis the HCV experience begins; which can only be compared to "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride". The decisions start to pile up and fear ensues. This entire journey can be made easier if armed with information as you begin the whole process which includes testing, waiting for test results, waiting for more results, and finally moving onto a treatment decision.

Today's entry is a bible of links, easy to understand facts, that may make the ride a little less bumpy.
The New Updates May 2011
Monday May 23 the FDA Approved Telaprevir/Incivek For Hepatitis C , for more information see;Telaprevir/Incivek Prescribing Information and the Medication Guide

Friday May 14th the FDA approved VICTRELIS™ ( Boceprevir) for the treatment of Hepatitis C.

The HCV community has waited 20 years for a new drug and this drug will particularly give patients who treated unsuccessfully another shot at eliminating the virus.View the Prescribing Information and Medication Guide . Life is good !.

Patient Assistance Program
INCIVEK/Telaprevir and VICTRELIS (Boceprevir) Patient Assistance Programs

You may want a few fast facts on both drugs, you can view those here;Getting Ready; Telaprevir or Boceprevir ? .,
.May 1st- Also on the website is the New two part video from  Melissa Palmer, M.D. on Telaprevir (Vertex Pharmaceuticals) & Boceprevir (Merck), the new protease inhibitor treatments for hepatitis C (HCV).
The first link is a good starting point; it covers pre-testing, justification for treatment, response guided therapy and more; Hepatitis C Treatment; What Do I Need To Know?

The treatment protocol with boceprevir for instance will be complex and merits a look see. This link has been added to numerous posts on the blog, maybe at least twenty times, its an important one folks ; Potential for Misuse Is ‘Huge’

Before treatment begins there may be pre-testing which could include the "IL28B genotype test" if you have no idea what this test is, these links will clearly explain in an easy to understand format, I hope ; Hey, I have a question about this IL28B gene and hepatitis c treatment..... or (IL28B) Genotype Test Likeihood Of Achieving SVR. From HCV Advocate I bring you; The Gene that Predicts by the one and only—Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief of the the HCV Advocate .

Lets not forget a link to the first silly video I made along with my imaginary friends; "He and She Bear". This video offers a bit of information about the ohhh soooo, confusing IL28B genotype test. Hey, reading all this data can be a bit much, watching a silly video is a nice break; Video: IL28B gene and hepatitis c treatment . A new video with the bears can be viewed on the website, the video covers treating with boceprevir, dosing and side effects.

Updated IL28B; May 2011
Telaprevir Ups Response Rates Across IL28B Genotypes in Hepatitis C
Quest Diagnostics Launches Hepatitis C Virus Therapy Test Based on IL28B Gene VariantsAccuType® IL28B test now available to physicians and for clinical trials research
Back in 2000 when I treated I clearly recall my biggest concern, the side effects. These news drugs will be used along with pegylated-interferon/ribavirin which we all know have side effects; as seen in clinical trials telaprevir and boceprevir have a few side effects of their own; Telaprevir and Boceprevir/Less Side Effects?

Treating this disease can be nothing short of overwhelming, filled with anxitey, damn challenging, it ain't easy folks. One of the first questions we all asked, or will ask... drum roll please... is..."Whats my chance for a cure ?" This link covers the stats for SVR while encompassing the different scenarios seen in HCV; Telaprevir and Boceprevir Understanding The Chance For A Cure

Here's video number two, the bears have become a little egotistical but its easy to watch while managing to clearly communicate the stats for SVR when treating with telaprevir in the triple therapy regimen; VideoTreating Hepatitis C With Telaprevir/SVR Stats 2011

This link is a great reference point for these news drugs; you'll find yourself going back to this information again and again, or not; New Future Hepatitis C Treatments: Interferon-sparing combinations

The newest entry on the blog covers the "proposed treatment guidelines", its a bit of information you won't want to miss. It also gives an idea of the cost of these new drugs.........ouch !

This "Bible Of Links" will be listed on the sidebar of the blog, with updates as more information becomes available. Treatment was so much easier to understand ten years ago, as best described by the great Mr. Dylan; the times they are a changin ....

Updated May 23 2011


  1. hello, i was treated for hep c in 2002,and after 11 months with 3 shots left my dr. told me to dis-continue,that i was a non -responder to the interferon,pegatro,with the pills as well..i was treated at the beth israel hospital in boston mass.well its been a long time since then,and i hear there is a new treatment thats on the market that is said works,also i was told by the dr. at beth israel that there is a new drug for treatment waiting to be approved by the fda...that the study was a success,but i was also told there is already a drug thats on the market,i think i wrote it down wrong,infagin,that that worked for a friend who was also a nonresponder for the interferon...can you give me any help please and point me in the right direction for any drugs for treatment,to help me cure my hep c...i also have cirrohsis of liver,with 2 tumors on liver that are cancerous...please let me email is tyvm.

  2. I think you are asking about Infergen ; July 12, 2010 — The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an expanded indication for interferon alfacon-1 subcutaneous injection (Infergen; Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals, LLC), in combination with ribavirin, for retreatment of chronic hepatitis C (HCV) viral infection.
    Two drugs here in the US that are under FDA review are Boceprevir and Telaprevir, the drugs will be reviewed in late April.
    I hope this has helped