Friday, January 21, 2011

Audio; A Boomer's Guide to Medicare

Understanding Medicare
A Boomer's Guide to Medicare

Turning 65 does have its benefits



Your Other Health Plans

If you’re 65 or older and are still covered by a group health plan through your spouse or employer, or through a retiree, union or private plan, you might not need Medicare right away, or you may just need to sign up for only one part of it (typically, Part A).

Your health care resources over and above those available through Medicare will have a major impact on how you use Medicare and how much you will pay for the benefits Medicare offers.
Before making a decision whether or not to use Medicare, or making changes to any of your non-Medicare health care coverage, find out how your decisions will affect your overall health insurance portfolio.

Medicare and/or your insurer or benefits manager at your employer or union can answer your questions — and it doesn’t hurt to confirm answers by speaking with a second source. Never drop your private coverage without fully understanding the consequences. You may not be able to get it back!

Find Out More

For more information, see the Medicare publication: Medicare & You


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