Monday, October 25, 2010

Prescription Help: HCV drugs and many more

Prescription Hope

On the website it listed :PEG-Intron, peginterferon alfa-2b and ribavirin
With this disclaimer : * This medication list is subject to change at any time. Each medication is subject to pharmaceutical company approval. If the medication you are looking for does not appear on this list, please call Prescription Hope to check availability.
You may qualify for Prescription Hope if:

•If you earn $30,000 or less per year as a single person or $50,000 or less as a couple. These are average figures; some pharmacutical company's guidelines may be higher.

•You may have a discount prescription drug card and still qualify.

•Do not participate in Medicaid.

•You are experiencing financial hardship.

How the Program Works

•Perspective patients can pre-enroll by calling Prescription Hope toll free 1-877-296-Hope (4673) to receive an application packet, or download an application at .

•In less than 24 hours an enrollment counselor with Prescription Hope will match your prescriptions using our state of the art software system with the correct pharmaceutical companies, and begin the process of completing all applications on behalf of the patient and doctor.
•Prescription Hope will work closely with your doctor's office to have their applications completed efficiently and in a timely manner.
•After we receive your completed applications from the doctor's office, we will check them for completeness and accuracy, attach all necessary documents and forward them to the pharmaceutical companies for their approval.
•Once the pharmaceutical company receives your application, it normally takes 1 to 3 weeks to receive your medications.
•For your convenience most of your medication will be shipped in a 3 month supply to your home or your doctor's office.
•Prescription Hope will track your prescriptions and automatically re-fill with the pharmaceutical companies to ensure continual prescription medication coverage as easy and hassle free as possible.
Who is Prescription Hope?
We are a service based organization. We are not an online pharmacy. We work directly with each pharmaceutical companies' patient assistance program to assist you in the administrative process which the pharmaceutical companies require to receive their medication.
How much does the Prescription Hope program cost?
The only cost associated with the program is a $15 per prescription per month service fee. There are no application fees, no other medication cost, and no hidden costs.
When will I start being charged for Prescription Hope's services?
Charges will begin for our services approximately 30 days from the time we receive your application.
Am I getting the actual drug prescribed or a generic form of it?
All drugs are filled, as prescribed, by your doctor, if offered under the program.
How many different medications are offered under the program?
Over 1,500 brand name medications are offered under the program.
What happens if my medication is not offered under the program?
If this should happen; you simply notify your doctor who, in many cases, may be able to prescribe an alternate drug that may qualify.
If I am receiving drugs under this program, can my spouse be considered as well?
Yes, as long as he or she fills out a separate enrollment application.
How long should I expect from the time I apply to the date I receive my medication?
When all the requested information is collected from both you and your doctor, you should receive your medication within 4 weeks or less.
Is there a limit to the number of medications I can receive under the program?
No, as long as all medications are prescribed for you by your physician.
How will I know when to renew my medications?
With Prescription Hopes automated three step renewal system, we maintain the goal of continual prescription coverage.
Can I still take part even if I have prescription coverage through my HMO?
Yes. Most HMO's have a prescription limit. All we need is an exhaustion letter from your HMO provider stating that you have used up your prescription benefit.
Can I participate in this program if I have Medicare?
Can I participate in this program if I have a prescription discount card?
Yes. A discount card does not disqualify you from the program.
How are my medications delivered?
Your medications usually are delivered in a 3 months supply directly to your home or to your doctors office.
Over 1,500 brand name medications for only $15.00 a month!

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