Sunday, January 5, 2020

Study: Unhealthy Alcohol Use After HCV Therapy


FIG. 3. Association of alcohol use (unhealthy vs. nondrinking) with mortality and liver-related outcomes by SVR and cirrhosis status.

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In summary, this large retrospective study of veterans who received DAA therapy showed that unhealthy alcohol use is associated with a higher risk of mortality and decompensated cirrhosis, with the mortality risk seemingly greatest among patients who did not achieve SVR after DAA therapy. The increased risk of decompensated cirrhosis and HCC associated with unhealthy alcohol use was also greater among patients who did not achieve SVR and who had cirrhosis. After DAA therapy, unhealthy alcohol use appeared to decline, albeit by a small percentage. We recommend that clinicians providing HCV treatment consider the time period before and during antiviral therapy as an opportunity to engage patients in long-term abstinence from alcohol use, to minimize posttreatment mortality and morbidity.

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