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December 2019 Update -- AASLD has updated its Hepatitis C Guidance

UPDATE -- AASLD has updated its Hepatitis C Guidance
December 2019
AASLD is the leading organization of scientists and health care professionals committed to preventing and curing liver disease.
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The Liver Meeting
Boston MA
November 9-13 2019

December 24, 2019
Updated Guidance for Hepatitis C Virus Treatment in Primary Care
David E. Bernstein, MD
Achieving cure is easier now than in the past because DAA agents are highly effective, much easier to tolerate than older HCV treatments, taken for a short period of time, and have a low pill burden. Most DAA regimens can be administered as either a single tablet or three tablets taken once daily for 8, 12, or 16 weeks. Side effects are minimal, with approximately 10% of patients experiencing headache, nausea, or fatigue. Most people receiving DAA treatment report no side effects or that they feel better than before starting treatment.

Curing HCV infection reduces morbidity by slowing or halting the progression of liver diseases, including cirrhosis or liver cancer. With DAA treatment, liver health improves to the degree that many patients experience a reversal of cirrhosis. Perhaps most exciting is that curing chronic HCV infection has been associated with an overall increase in survival among patients with non–liver-related diseases, such as stroke and heart disease.
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Dec 5, 2019
Anti-hepatitis medicine Surprises
New effective treatment of hep C not only combats the virus, but is also effective against complications

Summary: A new effective treatment of hepatitis C not only combats the virus, but is also effective against potentially fatal complications such as reduced liver functioning and cirrhosis.
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Hep Winter 2019
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Support for Hepatitis C
Have a question? Ask the community! Share your story or read about others living with hepatitis C. Post in our forum boards and join the conversation! You can also participate anonymously.

For people with hepatitis C, check out Help-4-Hep, a peer counseling line.

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