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October Newsletters - Should Liver Disease Patients Get Screened For Liver Cancer?

Welcome folks, October is Liver Cancer Awareness Month! Check out this years Liver Cancer Awareness Campaign aimed at encouraging individuals with an increased risk for liver cancer to receive ongoing screening, launched by the American Liver Foundation (ALF) and Bayer Healthcare.

Should Liver Disease Patients Get Screened For Liver Cancer?
Yes! Experts suggest liver disease patients should be screened for cancer every 6 months, according to Global Liver Institute; There is increasing evidence that identifying persons at risk for liver cancer due to chronic hepatitis B or C infection, fatty liver disease, or other causes and enrolling them in a regular program of surveillance using blood tests and ultrasound examinations of the liver every 6 months significantly increases the number of cancers that are found at early stages and substantially improves the survival of persons diagnosed with liver cancer," said Lewis Roberts, MB ChB, PhD., Mayo Clinic. 
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Find out if you're at risk for liver cancer, join an online support group, or learn more about liver disease and the awareness campaign in ALF's monthly newsletter; Liver Lowdown.

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Liver Cancer After Treatment For Hepatitis C 
Research demonstrates that while SVR markedly reduced liver-related complications and liver cancer, some long-term risk for liver cancer remained in those who were cured of Hepatitis C. But after direct-acting antiviral therapy does the risk of developing liver cancer increase? Research is saying no, check out an index of articles here..... 

Fatty Liver Disease 
Watch videos, or review research in this current collection of articles 

Over years or decades, chronic hepatitis B or C virus infection, heavy alcohol consumption, fat accumulation in the liver and other causes of liver injury can lead to development of liver cirrhosis and HCC. A majority of liver cancer cases in Asia and Africa are attributable to hepatitis B, while chronic hepatitis C appears to be the major risk factor in Western countries, according to the guidelines. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) associated with metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity seems to be a growing cause.

AASLD practice guidelines can be downloaded, here... 

Video: Recognizing Liver Cancer Risk Factors

Here is this month's newsletters with the most recent updates about viral hepatitis.

HCV Advocate
The HCV Advocate newsletter is a valuable resource designed to provide the hepatitis C community with monthly updates on events, clinical research, and education.

HepCBC - Weekly Review
HepCBC is a Canadian non-profit organization offering information about HCV awareness, testing, treatment and care.
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The New York City Hepatitis C Task Force
The New York City Hepatitis C Task Force is a city-wide network of service providers and advocates concerned with hepatitis C and related issues. The groups come together to learn, share information and resources, network, and identify hepatitis C related needs in the community. Committees form to
work on projects in order to meet needs identified by the community.

October - Liver Cancer Awareness Month
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HCV Action
HCV Action brings together hepatitis C health professionals from across the patient pathway with the pharmaceutical industry and patient representatives to share expertise and good practice.
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World Hepatitis Alliance
We run global campaigns, convene high-level policy events, build capacity and pioneer global movements, ensuring people living with viral hepatitis guide every aspect of our work.
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Hepatitis NSW
We provide information, support, referral and advocacy for people affected by viral hepatitis in NSW. We also provide workforce development and education services both to prevent the transmission of viral hepatitis and to improve services for those affected by it.
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GI & Hepatology News
Over 17,000 gastroenterologists and hepatologists rely on GI & Hepatology News every month to cover the world of medicine with breaking news, on-site medical meeting coverage, and expert perspectives both in print and online. 
View all updates here....

Hep-Your Guide to Hepatitis
Hep is an award-winning print and online brand for people living with and affected by viral hepatitis. Offering unparalleled editorial excellence since 2010, Hep and are the go-to source for educational and social support for people living with hepatitis.
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Hepatitis Victoria
Hepatitis Victoria is the peak not-for-profit community organisation working across the state for people affected by or at risk of viral hepatitis.
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British Liver Trust
The British Liver Trust is the leading UK liver disease charity for adults – we provide information and support; increase awareness of how liver disease can be prevented and promote early diagnosis; fund and champion research and campaign for better services. 
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The National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable
The National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR) is national coalition working together to eliminate hepatitis B and C in the United States.
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The Hepatitis C Trust
The Hepatitis C Trust is run by patients with the goal of eliminating HCV in the United Kingdom. The Trust’s mission is to reverse the rapidly increasing death toll caused by hepatitis C in the UK until no-one dies from this preventable and treatable disease and, ultimately, it is all but eradicated in this country.
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National Institutes of Health
A monthly newsletter from the National Institutes of Health, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
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Blog Updates
Health Affairs Blog
Health Affairs Blog is a vehicle for commentary and analysis on health policy and issues affecting health and health care. The Blog features posts from noted health policy experts and commentators from a wide variety of perspectives, as well as regular Health Affairs contributors and staff.

Karen Hoyt is devoted to offering support and accurate information to people coping with the effects of hepatitis C.
Lucinda Porter is a nurse, speaker, advocate and patient devoted to increasing awareness about hepatitis C.
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Hep is an award-winning print and online brand for people living with and affected by viral hepatitis.
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Life Beyond Hep C is where faith, medical resources and patient support meet, helping Hep C patients and their families navigate through the entire journey of Hep C.
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Canadian Liver Foundation 
We strive to improve prevention and the quality of life of those living with liver disease by advocating for better screening, access to treatment, and patient care.
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Hepatitis B Foundation 
The Hepatitis B Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure and improving the quality of life for those affected by hepatitis B worldwide.
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At we empower patients and caregivers to take control of Hepatitis C by providing a platform to learn, educate, and connect with peers and healthcare professionals.
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Healthy You
The Risk of Alternative Cancer Treatments 
By Jane E. Brody
Avoiding evidence-based treatments in favor of untested ones can contribute to higher death rates
In a recent study by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine of 281 patients with potentially curable cancers of the breast, lung, colon-rectum or prostate that had not yet spread beyond their site of origin, the use of alternative medicine in lieu of conventional cancer treatments resulted in an overall death rate two and a half times higher than the rate experienced by patients getting standard therapies....

5 Reasons You May Be at Risk for Liver Disease
Dr. Saleh Alqahtani, director of clinical liver research for Johns Hopkins Medicine, notes that you shouldn’t wait for symptoms to appear to begin paying attention to the possibility of liver disease.

HealthWise: A Buffet of Health Information | Lucinda Porter, RN 
September 27, 2018
Last month, I wrote about hepatitis C and sugar. Someone asked me if this month I’d discuss artificial sweeteners. Since there isn’t as much research on the impact of artificial sweeteners and the liver, I wasn’t sure I could fill an entire column. However, I’ve been accumulating bits of health news that I have wanted to share, so this month will be a buffet of health information. Hopefully, everyone will find something of interest. However, in this case, you may leave the buffet with a list of foods you don’t want to pile on your plate.

Read both articles written by Lucinda Porter, RN: 
 HealthWise: A Buffet of Health Information and Healthwise: Hepatitis C and Sugar

AGA Journals
How Many Cases of Drug-Induced Liver Injury Are Caused by Herbal and Dietary Supplements?
Herbal and dietary supplement-induced liver injury is more severe than other types of drug-induced liver injury (DILI), and re-exposure is more likely, researchers report in the September issue of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Increasing awareness of the hepatoxic effects of herbal and dietary supplements could help physicians make earlier diagnoses

The Flu & You
Think You Don't Need A Flu Shot? Here Are 5 Reasons To Change Your Mind

October 01, 2018
2017 to 2018 flu strains hit the very young and elderly especially hard; poor vaccine/strain match-up.

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