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HCV antiviral drugs during pregnancy?

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Antiviral Therapy for HCV During Pregnancy to Prevent Transmission: 6 Reasons in Favor of a Controversial Concept
July 23, 2018
Nancy Reau 
During this year's Digestive Disease Week in Washington, DC, I was asked to present an argument in favor of the controversial concept of giving antiviral therapy to pregnant patients with HCV to disrupt mother-to-child transmission (MTCT). I must clearly state that this concept is neither evidence-based nor is it recommended by any of the current treatment guidelines. Universally, national and societal guidelines, as well as experts and patient advocates, recommend viral eradication of HCV prior to conception—not during pregnancy. There are, however, several reasons that support the use of HCV antiviral drugs during pregnancy
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HCV: 6 Reasons in Favor of Antiviral Therapy During Pregnancy 
Dr Nancy Reau discusses factors that could potentially support the use of antiviral therapy during pregnancy to prevent mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis C virus infection.
Medscape Gastroenterology, July 23, 2018 
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