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Blogs & Updates: Triple Drug Regimen Succeeds Against Treatment-Resistant HCV

Blogs & Updates
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Of Interest - Can anyone treat hepatitis C?

PodMed – Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts
Aug 11, 2107
This week’s topics include complications of aortic valve surgery, effectiveness of nasal flu vaccination, testing for Epstein Barr virus and nasopharyngeal cancer, and hepatitis C treatment.
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MD Magazine | Hepatitis C
The MD Magazine Hepatitis C condition center provides clinical news and articles, information about upcoming conferences and meetings, updated clinical trial listings, and other resources.

Triple Drug Regimen Succeeds Against Treatment-Resistant HCV
AUGUST 15, 2017
Kenneth Bender
A triple drug regimen effectively cured patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) after they had failed to respond to a combination of 2 oral direct-acting antivirals (DAA), according to a report of 2 international trials.

Hep C: Speak Up
Aug 15, 2017
Philip Christopher Baldwin   Human Rights Activist
Hep C does not get the attention it deserves. Many patients are diagnosed by chance. Better screening for Hep C needs to be put in place in the UK. Patients also need more support after initial diagnosis. In the past, some people may not have sought Hep C treatment, due to the problems and uncertainty associated with interferon-based treatments, or because of the length of NHS waiting lists for the new DAA medications. The situation in the UK is now changing and people living with the virus can increasingly get it treated quickly and effectively by the NHS.
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Weekly Bull
HepCBC is a non-profit organization run by and for people infected and affected by hepatitis C. Our mission is to provide education, prevention and support to those living with HCV.

News Recap
Mini livers,  new tests to predict liver transplant outcomes, HBV vaccine shortage and the effectiveness of antiviral therapy in reducing incidence of HCC in people with HBV. Also, check out the great photos from the Vancouver Pride festival.
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At HepatitisC.net we empower patients and caregivers to take control of Hepatitis C by providing a platform to learn, educate, and connect with peers and healthcare professionals

By Daryl Luster - August 14, 2017
Is there even such a thing as being absolutely certain? Some will argue the issue, and of course, we are all entitled to our own opinions based on whatever we believe in....

Just the Facts Please 
By Daryl Luster - August 11, 2017
There was a TV program in my youth where one of the lead characters was famous for saying “just the facts Ma’am” and for many of us it was and even remains...
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Dry Mouth Causes and Treatment 
By Karen Hoyt - August 10, 2017
Dry mouth is annoying! Your tongue feels like it is getting bigger and bigger, words get stuck to the side of your mouth, and food is hard to swallow! It can be...
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The AJKD blog is the official blog of American Journal Of Kidney Diseases.

Hepatitis C and Kidney Transplantation: Past, Present, and Future
August 14, 2017 by AJKDblog
This is Part 1 of a 2-part series on Hepatitis C and kidney transplantation, highlighting some of the exciting breakthroughs impacting this field that have come about as a result of promising antiretroviral therapy.
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HEP - Blog Updates
Hep is an award-winning print and online brand for people living with and affected by viral hepatitis. Offering unparalleled editorial excellence since 2010, Hep and Hep Magazine are the go-to source for educational and social support for people living with hepatitis.

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Hepatitis C News That Isn’t Fake
August 14, 2017 • By Lucinda K. Porter, RN
A couple of months ago, headlines in the Guardian stated, “’Miracle’ hepatitis C drugs costing £30k per patient ’may have no clinical effect’.” These were horrible headlines, first because they were false; second because until you looked at the facts, it was disturbing.

Hepatitis-C Doesn’t Discriminate Neither Should We
August 14, 2017
By Carleen McGuffey
National organizations with influence should avoid making public statements that are political. The Leaders of our Hepatitis-C organizations know that politics are always divisive. Always. Our alliances are predicated on one thing only. Eradicating the Hepatitis-C virus. When we allow our feelings to dictate our advocacy it distorts the purity of the mission and disrupts our congruity of purpose. 

AGA Journals Blog
Dr. Kristine Novak is the science editor for Gastroenterology and Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. She has worked as an editor at biomedical research journals and as a science writer for 15 years, covering advances in gastroenterology, hepatology, cancer, immunology, biotechnology, molecular genetics, and clinical trials.

What is the Best Management Strategy for Patients With NAFLD?

Kristine Novak
Management of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) requires combined efforts of general practitioners, hepatologists, and other experts, Herbert Tilg explains in a Mentoring, Education, and Training Corner article in the August issue of Gastroenterology. NAFLD has become the most common liver disease worldwide. It ranges from simple steatosis in the absence
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Creating a World Free of Hepatitis C
Welcome to my website and blog. My name is Lucinda Porter and I am a nurse committed to raising awareness about hepatitis C. I believe that we can create a world free of hepatitis C. We do this together, one step at a time.

Surviving Illness: Tips for Patients, Family, Friends, and Coworkers

By Lucinda K. Porter, RN
A patient once told me, “Illness is a way to health.” This is a simple but profound concept. We have many responses and approaches to illness and health. Some of us use denial in order to cope. Others respond by feeling scared or overwhelmed. Anger and resentment are common reactions.
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Infectious Disease Advisor
Infectious Disease Advisor offers infectious disease specialists and other healthcare professionals a comprehensive knowledge base of practical information and resources to assist in making the right decisions for their patients.

Steatosis: An Independent Risk Factor for Fibrosis in Chronic HCV

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